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The hub for architectural salvage and salvaged building material in Cleveland, Ohio! Stay tuned for sweet salvage and shenanigans!

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RBX = candy for contractors
#rbxcle, #salvage, #cleveland, #rebuild, #restoration, #diy
Here @ RBX this morning dreaming of all the things YOU can build with pieces unique to Cleveland.  Have a project you want help with? I'd love to help.  #salvage, #rbxcle, #clevelandrocks, #ingenuitycleveland, #redhousestudio
Doors Galore
Welcome 2018!
Did you know that RBX also has a fully functional Fab Lab? We had a customer that reallllyyyyy wanted just 2 rows of lockers for extra storage in his kitchen. No problem!!! #FABLAB #RBX #materialgirls #andron
#ThrowbackThursday Where it all started 😊The idea for RBX was long in the works before 2016, but the planning for our homey 70k sq ft warehouse started a year ago! Warehouse open from 9-3 pm today. #RBX #materialgirls #architecturalsalvage #cleveland #reuse
Hot noodles on us! Thanks to our guardian angel Carlyn for the care package🍜
Kris is getting her inventory on! So many amazing new items being priced with love! RBX open until 5pm today! Use code word: KRIS for a special in-store treat! #RBX #materialgirls #architecturalsalvage
Reindeer games at the warehouse! HUGE blue velvet stage curtains from an elementary school. 10' x 12'! $275
Fresh off the truck! HUGE barn haul. Tons of pieces and parts! Free gift of hay witheach purchase! #architecturalsalvage #barnz #materialgirls
Today at RBX! 1st Annual Flannel and Frost Spectacular! Warm cocktails from @clevelandwhiskey ! Snax from @forestcitybrew and @prosperitysocialclub ! Raffles prizes from @skidmarkgarage and @ingenuityfestival . Its LIT! 9-3
No cold hands- ALL warm hearts at the RBX warehouse these days! It may be chilly outside, but thanks to this man, you can enjoy  a heated shopping experience! We love you Copfer! #materialgirls #salvage #cleveland #babyitscoldoutside