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Good news!!! Not only was YOU WILL PAY approved without revisions, but also the idea for the next book set in New Orleans with Detectives Montoya and Bentz has been accepted. So, yes, the detectives in The Big Easy will show up in book 9 of the series. When? Ouch. Probably not for a couple of years as I have other books to write. But YOU WILL PAY will be out in June of this year!

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Jenna Hughes has had it with her seemingly frivolous Hollywood lifestyle. The tragedy of her sister's death on the set of Jenna's last movie still haunts her, her marriage has fallen apart, and her spoiled teenagers are giving her nothing but grief. Determined to start fresh in a more peaceful area she packs up her reluctant children and moves to a quiet existence on the shores of the Columbia River . . . or so she thinks.

What she doesn't realize is that terror is lurking in the raw wilderness. The peaceful winter becomes deadly with the worst blizzard in over a hundred years. As the temperatures plunge below freezing, Jenna's biggest fan, an obsessive maniac, has tracked her to the rambling log house in the Pacific Northwest. Women start to disappear and soon Jenna realizes that the bizarre abductions and killings are happening because of her. She's at the vortex of a twisted murderer's horrifying scheme and no one can help her, not even Shane Carter, the sexy, irreverent local Sheriff. She's on her own, trapped in a blinding snow storm and no matter what she does, the killer keeps getting closer to her and her daughters.

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I strung a single strand of lights at the beach house. The lights are pretty pathetic, but the only Christmas lights on the block, so I guess I win the neighborhood decorating contest . . . right? Well, as long as you don't go farther than two blocks in either direction.
There are others who out did me, of course. Merry, merry!
I don't listen to music, allow the TV on in the room wherein I'm
working, have the shades open or drink any alcohol when I'm deep into a book--zero distractions. The older I get, the more I have to
concentrate. BUT . . . a friend dropped by with a Christmas gift of two bottles of wine and I'd been working off and on for 14 hours yesterday--so we cracked the red. Lovely.
Contest winners of Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush's Holiday Contest!

Congratulations to the following grand prize and runner up winners of Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush's Holiday Contest!

Grand Prize Winners
Kim S. from Ontario, Canada
Donna L, from Georgia

The 5 runner ups were:

Evelyn B, from Texas
Heather C. from Alberta, Canada
Christine H. from North Carolina
Gerald S. from New York
Debi C. from Florida

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!

Happy Holidays from Lisa and Nancy