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14th Hour Foundation Founded by Kris 'Tanto' Paronto. Honoring and supporting individuals and their families that have served and sacrificed.


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Can't thank the sponsors enough for being a part of the 14th Hour Fundraiser event in Orlando May 3rd and 4th. Thank you!! 🇺🇸 Thank you @swrmc_national  and @hdfed for putting together an amazing event in support of individuals and their families that have served and sacrificed. #veterans #firstresponders #neverquit #swrmc @forjdleather @blackbirdanthem @audacious_andie @orlandoballoon @eboncross @franhaaschlawgroup @k9lineinc @kittleslocksmith @ironworksde @imotorsportsorlando @dollswithdegrees @turn2brew @tacticalbrewing @newbelgium @ryanweavercountry @db_boon @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Too amazing not to share... Just trying to keep up with @hdfed and his sunset pics. Looking forward to some sun in Orlando May 3 and 4th for the 14th Hour Fundraiser hosted by @swrmc_national #swrmc #shadowwarriormcclub #battlefieldbikers #giveback #john1513 #warriors #thankyou @real_kris_tanto_paronto @forjdleather @ryanweavercountry @tantos.tantoisms
Our fearless leader at the KMR Toast the Fallen event in NY. Tanto is always keeping things fun! They put on a great event bringing veterans and their families together to remember the fallen. #neverforget #alwaysremember #raiseyourglass #militaryfamilies #veterans #merica #howmuchwillyoucarry @k.i.a.memorialroadmarch @real_kris_tanto_paronto @officialbattlelinetactical @tantos.tantoisms
Visiting the Patriots and Heroes Park in Buffalo NY #patriotsandheroespark #humbled #merica #remember #neverforget #goldstarfamilies #soldier #respect @real_kris_tanto_paronto @tantos.tantoisms @officialbattlelinetactical
Representing 14th Hour with a little hardware from @maximdefense. Gearing up for some training down in Texas at @alloyarmsrange this weekend with @officialbattlelinetactical #pewpew #rangeday #tanto @fortscottmunitions @burrisoptics @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Proud to have been able to help Brandon Holiday find his new service dog Valor and support them on their journey. 
Please read Brandon's story below:
I have learned that when you are in a time of need, all you have to do is ask and there is someone there who is reaching to lift you up. After being injured as a police officer, a further medical complication from systemic lupus resulted in the loss of my leg below the knee. I found myself at a crossroads and not knowing what direction my life was supposed to take. I was unable to work and really struggling to find my identity again. 
Through hard work, I decided to persevere. Drawing every ounce of strength that I had, I fought through 10 heart attacks, clots in my lungs, and skin grafts. Thanks to the love of my family, I’ve gained a power through my passion for adaptive sports.

My service dog, Dyson has truly been a lifesaver and only enhanced my appreciation for Susquehanna Service Dogs. Dyson truly has provided me with more freedom and independence far beyond I ever imagined. I've experienced so many positive changes by having him around. These include an increase in my activity level and more importantly, a great source of emotional support. Dyson will be retiring soon, and a new canine companion will be joining me.

My plan moving forward is to start K9 training with my new service dog named Valor as a working K9 unit. Through the graciousness the 14th Hour Foundation and Kris Paronto (aka ‘Tanto’), Valor was purchased for me during my training. #lawdog0140 #valor #servicedog #alwaysinthefight #mansbestfriend #serveandprotect #neverquit @real_kris_tanto_paronto
#neverforget #john1513 #faith #rememberthefallen #heroes @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Motorcycle Raffle - Fort Scott Munitions partnered with Q17 Guns and Battleline Tactical

Special Note: To enter you must be American Citizen and over 18 Years Old. Your receipt/order number is your official raffle ticket. 
Fort Scott Munitions partnered with Q17 Guns and Battleline Tactical is raffling a full custom Cerakote Job (Battle Worn) 2007 Harley Sportster 1200. The Gas Tank will have all the Signatures from the War Hero’s and 2A Celebrities. Comes with custom made Leather seat with Ruger Vaquero 45colt/45ACP with a holster attached to the seat

They will be raffling the motorcycle off until June 1st 
All proceeds will be donated to 3 organizations.

1. 14th Hour Foundation, 
2. Combat Warriors, 
3. SOFT. 
Details about the Bike:

1. The Gas Tank will have all the Signatures from the War Hero’s and 2A Celebrities.

2. Custom made Leather Seat with Ruger Vaquero 45colt/45ACP and holster. 
More details to come once everything is finalized. 
Go to:
https://www.battlelinetactical.net/mr-fsm for raffle ticket purchase.

#merica #greatcause #bikeraffle #fortscottmunitions #custombike #rltw #therangerway #jambo #13hours #neverquit @officialbattlelinetactical @fortscottmunitions @maximdefense @goliathtactical661 @forjdleather @vertx_official @thaddea_co @thaddeacourageousandbrave @ryanweavercountry @theofficiallouferrigno @timkennedymma @john_tiegen @blue_line_bears @crispy11b @hankstrange @dakotameyer0317 @truexodus @q17guns @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Received this note from No Dog Gets Left Behind founder, Trish Gohl. So proud to be able to help with the return of Leo.
We will continue to assist and help veterans, first responders and those who have served our great nation, to the best of our ability. Thank you as always for your support of the 14th Hour Foundation. All the best to Soldier Devine and Leo. #NDGLB #veteran #bestfriend #puppypower #leo #soldier #unconditionallove #giveback @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Had the great honor to attend and speak at The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund Fundraiser in Detroit. Another great organization that helps veterans and their families. Also got to share the stage with Colonel Greg Gadson, US Army (Ret) and Commander Kirk S. Lippold, US Navy (Ret). #veterans #heroes #thefallenandwoundedsoldiersfund #giveback #neverforget #invisiblescars #goldstarfamilies #makeadifference #thankyouforyourservice @real_kris_tanto_paronto
Remembering why this foundation was started... #tantoquote #neverforget #thankyouforyourservice🇺🇸 #firstresponders #veterans #heroes #giveback #neverquit #shadowwarriormcclub @real_kris_tanto_paronto @americanmilitarynews
Just want to recognize and give a huge Thank You to this lady @audacious_andie She continually gives her time to help support veterans, memorial foundations and great causes. Thanks for always having our six. #neverquit #thankyou #veterans #gotyoursix #tantotribe #giveback #neverforget #benghazi #glendohertymemorialfoundation #shadowwarriormcclub #thankyouforyourservice🇺🇸 #tyronewoods @real_kris_tanto_paronto @db_boon @ryanweavercountry @hdfed @officialbattlelinetactical @battlefieldfoundation @tantos.tantoisms @tyrone.s.woods