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KOD available now

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KOD Tour.  @thuggerthugger1  pre sale tomorrow. Tix on sale Saturday. Choose Wisely. 💜
Nigeria. Smhhhh. 7days later it don't make sense can't wait to hit the road. 🇳🇬 💜 KOD
Somebody send me the spongebob outta breath meme.  KOD  Nigeria 🇳🇬
Nahhhh. 7 days later in Nigeria 🇳🇬 KOD
Dreamville Festival  @Dreamvillefest. September 15th. Raleigh, NC. Get pre sale access at
ATM video  KOD  KOD the album.  Available now. Physicals in stores 4/20
Cover.  KOD 4/20
Tracklist/back cover.  KOD  4/20