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Meet the wizard behind one of the fastest growing franchise brands in America. He's built a company mission that has attracted raving fans, incredible opportunity, and massive profits. His name is @BedrosKeuilian, and his brand is Fit Body Boot Camp. Today you'll discover his 7 simple secrets to creating a tribe of followers who love your mission and want to build your brand. All on the NEWEST episode of Early to Rise Radio ... Link in my bio.💥💪
Ignore the HUSTLE t-shirt! ✅

Doing GREAT work is not about #hustling and #grinding. 🤔

Quality work requires #focus and #preparation...📝 Great work requires you to get feedback, to commit to constant and never ending improvement, and to do your work BETTER every day... not for MORE hours every day.👑 So do the pre-work prep, and get the post-work check, so that you can do your best work every day. 💥
This week’s #goal 💯

#Kaizen - Better every day.✅ No matter what obstacles life throws at you this week, always find a way to turn the bad to good, the bitter into better. #alwaysfindaway 💥
Sunday Funday Challenge for Monday! ✅

Proper Preparation Permits Perfect Productivity 💯

Take 10 Minutes Today and Plan Tomorrow 📝

Make the Most of Your Minutes so you can Major in What Matters💥
#productiveday #entrepreneur #preparationiskey #success
CB QnA in his PJ’s.😜 Answering your #1 question about getting up on the weekend.🤔 The truth is that YES you should get up at the same time everyday. ✅

If you do, you’ll have teenager-levels of all day energy every day, all day.

PS - Watch to the very end for my funny final sleep tip!😊💯 And let me know your questions for next week’s episode of CB QnA in his PJ’s. 😎
Challenge! 💪

Make one NEW connection EVERY day for the REST of your life. (And twice on Sundays.) 😜

That’s 400 new friends anyway, 2000 new connections every 5 years, and a powerful lifelong network that will bring you everything you want in life. 🙏

So go out there... ADD value... be generous... be cool 😎... and get to know good people - online and offline.💯 Because if an #introverted, socially awkward, dorky farm boy like I can do it, then you can too! #noexcuses 💥

PS - I love you. 😊
Stop trying to do everything yourself. 🛑
Stop suffering in silence.😡
Stop making it so hard.💥 Just ask.👍 Ask for help.💪
Ask for feedback.🤔
Ask for connections.👑 People want to help you.🙏 Let them.❤️ #wisdom #fridayfeeling
When you go out with a giving hand first, you end up getting back so much more in return. Listen to @BedrosKeuilian and I talk about the importance of building up your goodwill bank account first in order to grow your income and maximize your business. 💪☀️ Link in my Instagram bio or go to💯

What can you CUT from your morning routine?🤔 Successful people don’t do 10 things before breakfast.

Instead, they know what matters and put their #focus on it.💥 Do fewer things so you can do fewer things better.💯 #entrepreneur #hustle #success
Tony Robbins question of the day: “What’s stopping you?”🤔 Now I’ll be honest, my answer was “fear of rejection”.😡 But then I realized it’s not the fear of rejection, it’s the “fear of the fear of rejection.” Ugh.

But F.E.A.R. Is just:
So I’m on a mission to get over this fear. And it starts tonight with stepping outside my comfort zone.💪 Don’t let anything hold you back.👍
Had a great sleep last night but for some reason I didn't want to get out of bed... The only reason I didn't hit snooze and got up was because of #accountability to YOU.💯 And because I did, I had an incredibly productive 90-minutes of Magic Time this morning. Thank YOU!🙏 Accountability is the key 🔑 to #success.

Get friends, mentors, and coaches - who you would never want to disappoint - and ask them to hold you accountable to the most important actions that will move you ahead in life.✅