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Know thy opportunity 🚀✨
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“Your face is a work of art, your smile could light up New York City after dark. Okay you’re coverboy pretty, stamped with a beauty mark... But it’s such a pitty a boy so pretty, with an ugly heart” - @grl @natashaslayton @laurenbennett @jazzymejia
No bajes la mirada, es mejor mirar hacia arriba 🙄🏙
I use to hold my freak back, now I’m letting go... I make my own choice, bitch, I run this show. 
T-shirt: @victoriabeckham #VVBFashionStoleMySmile #VBDoverSt
Bye bye!! 👋🏻☃️❄️
Longing for brighter days and warmer weather
Because we all need some fresh air ❄️ @hm @justinbieber #justinbieber #stadiumtour
No looking back... 👀 @hm @justinbieber
🏔❄️ @hm @justinbieber #stadiumtour
“Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering – because you can’t take it in all at once.” - Audrey Hepburn