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Rule number 1: Fuhhh what people think. Society will never be happy, so make yourself happy first.
(Side not. @niajaxwwe tells me what selfies to post.)
Come hang with us at the @blackcraftcult booth here at warped at 4pm!!!
The crew finally reunited here at #ExtremeRules and it feels goooooodd!
@rexythepittie is 85lbs and @lobsterthepittie is 75lbs and they are two of the sweetest boys. I will never understand the bad rep that pit bulls have. They’re loving, kind and protective of their families like any other dog should be. Never have I felt uncomfortable around our boys. It’s true what they say, it’s the owners fault and not the dogs. With a bad owner, ANY dog can be raised aggressively. Rex was found by our friend @jordystax315 on streets and @kalanattila took him in and he’s the best boy, lobster was a bait dog w/ his ears freshly cut when we went and rescued him and all he wants is attention but we are proof that with love and care these big boys can be the biggest babies and the best dogs 💕
My dad told me I look like Mick Jagger today. Then @reneeyoungwwe chimed in.. “with a hint of Steven Tyler”.
If you happen to be strolling along past @hottopic then you’ll see this face up in the window! Make sure you check it out. Teamed up with HT on their bad ass denim line 😍 official launch is July 11th! I’ll post more pics from the shoot soon! If you see the pic, take a pic and tag me! #LifeinHTdenim 🖤
Also turned my comments back on. Anything negative then I’ll turn them back off. 😘
Thanks to @zac_phoenix for the 530am glam. Making me look like I actually have great skin and slept 8 hrs. Always making magic. 🖤
My freaks 🐺🤴🏻🐊
Here’s a grainy pic with a ton of filters on it.
Found some female wrestlers backstage today. Sassy girls from GLOW. Bad ass show. Check out season 2 coming out soon!!!
With the goodest of boys. They become mummies boys for a few hours when I first come home after being away then ditch me to follow their daddy around haha 🤣 💕
RIP to my uncle Chrissy, I didn’t get to see you for many years and I never got a chance to say goodbye. Sending all my love to you and my family back home right now. Have fun up there with uncle Stan ok? Love you 💕