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"Ideas Worth Spreading"
An independently organised TED event in the University Of Ibadan.
September 22nd, 2018!


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Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at TEDxUI. 
We hope that you celebrate it by doing all the things you love
With love, from TEDxUI❤️
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The Executive Team, TEDxUI 17/18✨

Congratulations to the change makers that made TEDxUI 2018 happen!
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10,000 ideas + 1!
Tag someone you spot!
#tedxui #tedx #ideasworthsharing #IdeasWorthSpreading #1000ideasplus1
This is in appreciation of the trailblazers that received our invites, keyed into our vision and took up the mandate to spread ideas!!
May you never lose your wonder!
#tedxui #tedx #ideasworthsharing #IdeasWorthSpreading #1000ideasplus1
If you attended TEDxUI 10000ideas + 1, and the experience ended there, then you may be the 1 whom the other attendees will leave behind.

It takes more than listening, it takes courage, self belief and shooting your shot to become the outstanding 1.

Thank you for attending this year's TEDxUI 2018 main event. See you in 2019, and remember to shoot your shot.

Onothoja Ogheneruona,
TEDxUI Licensee.
#tedxui #tedx #ideasworthsharing #IdeasWorthSpreading #1000ideasplus1
Regrann from @timiibigi -  Opportunity comes once and when it comes again, what should it be called?💭
Having heard from profound speakers doing exploits in their fields, sharing their grass-to-grace stories, the vibe that kept them going and how it never looked liked it from the start, I was indeed motivaTED!
100+ attendees. 10 speakers. 8hours if not more. It was a Saturday worth it!🔥Big ups to @realtedxui for this platform

#tedxui - #regrann
Regrann from @shalomshalomofficial -  A single idea, when acted upon, can change an industry, and more importantly, the world. "Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change." - Barbara Januszkiewicz "No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo
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Regrann from @the_oscarromero -  I recently received some life-changing bad news but when I went for TEDx UI today, I was reminded of who I am - A young talented man with the ability to reset my future. I think I'm ready for what comes next. And yes! I had fun today #tedxui - #regrann
Regrann from @i_m_koya -  Post TedxUi performance.
Hair & face painting: @e_niyolah__ 
Photo credit:@sirmefilms 
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Regrann from @okezimesh -  100 Attendees, 10 Speakers and 1 stage! TedX UI featured 10000 +1 ideas. 
I love to speak but above that, sharing basic ideas that can change the world, one audience at a time, is goals! Ted has been on my goal list since 2016 and for some reason i took it off this year and decided to just be a better Toastmaster: Learning and developing the art of public speaking. And in the midst of it, i got the opportunity to share the 10001st idea: that knowing the law makes us better. The take away was that people must begin to understand simple basic legal principles: the difference between civil  and criminal law, what obligations are onerous in a contract and of course fundamental human rights. Like a first aid kit, every responsible citizen must know what legal rights and remedies apply first before consulting a lawyer. It makes us all better. 
Thanks to the TedX UI team for the platform. Looking forward to more platforms to start conversations and shape thoughts. 
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@jojolola.f @lorofashh @AyobamiKolawole @StanleyNnam @OnyaniObaitan @chidinmaokeke1 @ydiassociates @ge_africa 
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Regrann from @_victoragwu -  TedxUI... 1000ideasplus1
Done and dusted, but the ideas💡 shared,  lessons, network and the experience is forever. 
Feedback received has been awesome, thanks to all our speakers, sponsors, wonderful attendees, and above all tedxUI team. 😁😎😎😎
#tedxui #1000ideasplus1 #ideasworthspreading #ideasworthsharing #ui @onothoja_ruona_ @dee_therogue @realtedxui @viktuer @queen_toun @b_egbeyemi - #regrann