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The new Ozone Reo V5 Wave Kite reviewed by Matt Nuzzo and Esben Boxer

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Stoked to see the 50th annual @surfesa #Easterns scoring on finals day 🤙🏽🙌🏽. 📷 @mezapixels @easternsurfmag
We’ve got the new @ozonekites #ReoV5 in stock just in time for pumping kitesurf season🌊🌊🌊. A true “wave kite” allows to to surf the wave exactly how you want to surf it, and this is hands down the best one we’ve ever tried. Check out the REAL review with @nuzzipod and @esben.b at the link in our profile. @ozonekitesusa #TheresNoBetterPlacetoReviewWaveKitesThanWaves 📷🎥 @ryaneosmond
An interesting twist to a frothy 🌊 event. Sneak peak details at . #EqualPay 💰💰💰💰 @patagonia @patagonia_surf
We love messages like this from our customers. How did your boards work during this recent run of swell almost everywhere? We want to know! ...”The quiver did deliver!! 10 days straight now. Handled everything from pre runners, peaking, maxing, fading, and leftovers .... “ - Brian Stone | Hurricane Florence | Long Beach, New York | @lostsurfboards @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos @inspiredshaper | C3 Beanbag | RNF Retro | PJ Round | Quiver Killer
Dare County just announced Hatteras Island is OPEN immediately for residents and workers. Visitors will be allowed onto the island beginning Sunday, September 16th at 3pm. REAL and @watermensretreat will be open for your arrival Sunday. We are currently booking Fall ‘19 and Spring/Summer ‘19 lessons, camps and accommodations. @watermensbarandgrill will re-open Monday, September 17th at 9am. Thanks again everyone for all your support through Hurricane Florence. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Looks like we dodged a bullet... Hurricane Florence brought large surf and tropical storm force winds, but Hatteras Island is doing well, with many areas receiving minimal to no damage. We still have power, internet, cell service, and the sun is already peaking through the clouds with the birds singing. The storm’s main impacts here were felt along oceanfront neighborhoods, as well as HWY 12 north of Rodanthe and south of Frisco (pictured here by @danielpullen ) All of @theouterbanksnc is still closed to visitors, but Dare County expects areas north of Oregon Inlet to re-open to visitors Sunday, Sep 16th at 7am. There will be an official assessment of Highway 12 and bridges on Hatteras Island once ocean overwash subsides, to determine when to allow visitors south of the Bonner Bridge. Initial local eyeball reports show the roads to be in good shape, just covered in feet of sand which we know can be cleared quickly by @ncdotcom 💪🏽. Based on this initial information, it shouldn’t be too long before visitors are allowed back onto Hatteras Island. Walking around REAL, there’s not so much as a leaf or branch on the ground, so we lucked out for sure. We also surveyed 20 or so properties at the request of people that messaged us, and found zero damage. The above photo looks extreme, but it could have been a whole lot worse. And let’s face it, this is part of living in paradise. Wave heights peaked here at 26.5ft during Florence. During Hurricane Isabel, they peaked at 44ft, blowing through a new inlet right where this photo was taken. All part of nature living on a barrier island. The ocean always used to wash over the island before the dunes were put in place. Tomorrow begins the work of putting our site back together and getting ready for visitors again. Our sales and customer service team are still live ☎️ 9am to 8pm daily to help with your orders and vacation bookings. You can reach them at 252-987-6000. is always open 24/7. We’ll be shipping orders again by Monday, Sep 17th, as @fedex is the most committed shipping partner in the business. Sometimes you’d swear they came over here in their own submarine to get our orders out on time🙌🏽.-Trip
We’ve had a lot of messages, calls and emails asking how we’re doing out here during Hurricane Florence. Robert August even called us from Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🤙🏽. THANK YOU everyone for checking on us! So far winds are hovering around 50MPH in the gusts, the Pamlico Sound is blowing away over to the mainland, and the ocean overwash was significant earlier at high tide but seems to be dropping back as the tide goes back down, at least up here near the shop. We will have many more high tides though as the storm stalls out, so overwash is something we’re definitely concerned about. Our sales and customer service staff evacuated up north to Virginia and Rhode Island, and calls are forwarding there so they can keep our customer service five star even if we lose power here. Lulu @mrs.davidtcarson and I were busy all day at the shop packing orders coming in over the remote phones and website (thank you everyone!) The oceanfront neighborhoods are taking a beating here, as is the mainland with strong east winds pushing all the Pamlico Sound water their way (big time flooding). We’re pulling for our Carolina neighbors to the south as that is where the most intense impacts will be felt. THANKS everyone for checking in. We really appreciate it! - Trip
The bright side of storms born in the tropics. REAL teamrider @jamesjenkins_ scoring shade in between hurricane prep on @theouterbanksnc | @rustysurfboards #Slayer2 @rusty_america @vertra @dakine_surf 📸 @callawayramsey
Reducing sail for Hurricane Florence... Even though we’re battening down the hatches, we’re still OPEN on the phones 9am to 8pm daily, as well as 24/7 online at . Stay safe Carolinas.
Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Event Update
(Posted 12 noon ET Tuesday, September 11th, 2018)

Hello competitors, event staff and media partners,

Due to the uncertain path of Hurricane Florence, plus the mandatory evacuation of Hatteras Island, the 2018 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by @patagonia is being postponed until further notice. 
People holding plane tickets should be able to contact their airlines for future credit due to weather, and state of emergencies in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. 
We will issue the next event update on Tuesday, September 18th, after the storm has passed. We do not know now whether the event will be run later this Fall or postponed until September 2019. That decision will be based on the path of Florence, damage to the island, and competitors/staff availability to run later this Fall if that becomes a possibility. 
THANK YOU everyone for your continued enthusiasm for the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic event. We would also like to thank all of our event sponsors. Support the brands that support this event, because they’re helping shape the future of our sport. While this is an unprecedented experience for an event like this, we know that #froth will prevail and the event will continue on more stoked than ever. - Trip Forman
Grom Power 💪🏽💦💦💦 with REAL teamrider @kaiwescoat at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. 📸 @danielpullen @lostsurfboards @mayhemsurfboards_mattbiolos @xcelwetsuits @thejettylife @thespotobx @vertra #florence
We’ve got the new @firewiresurfboards @slaterdesigns #Cymatic in stock just in time for weeks of waves courtesy of the tropics. OPEN 9am to 8pm, and Shipping Worldwide Daily... #stokelivesatsurfshops #WhenYouHaveWavesinWavesYoureStokedLikeJeffreyOneil 📸 @ryaneosmond