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you do not amaze me, ayy 👽

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Proud of you @elordgjana !! Second time Balkan Champion 🥇 @ortektaekwondo 
PS: Kjo video qe mos te te marin msysh haha ❤️
The city knows how much you miss the unpaved paths and the sound of the ponds...
New post by @_prendart_ @geriprendushi and writing in Bio ⬆️
The city always remembers 🏢
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‘We often transform ourselves into weapons, into the strongest of weapons that we can hold while fighting for human intentions in all kinds of inhumane ways.’
~ Krakow paths

One of the 5 principles of Kevin Lynch is ‘Create well-structured paths’. Narrow paths of Krakow made me think of this principle.

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certain standarts 💯 #neuland
favourite smile 💕#zapiekanka
Silver medal at '8th Theranda Open 2017' Taekwondo Tournament 🏅
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Can't wait to see the results of our work today! Photoshooting for the new collection of @aeternoshop. 
Thank you guys! You are amazing!
same but different #loyalty ✨
when your chakras are aligned af ♉️