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We had a good time!! Missed those who didn’t make it!!!
All set up for Saturday’s painting party!!!! Who’s with me??? @mickeynurse5 wants to know!!!!!
Come on out for a little fellowship and fun!!!! Saturday Nov 11 at 3pm.  No special skills needed or required, just some fun hanging out with friends.  Let me know who all is interested!!! (So I️ have enough supplies)
Everything you do is important, even the little things.  How have you elevated Jesus this week??
Tomorrow is our OCC packing party.  Come be a part and help little kids pack a shoebox for someone that needs to hear about Jesus.  #bethehandsandfeet #beamissionary
So, who’s working their biblical commitments into their cultural commitments this week?? Shout them out.......
Anyone putting their knowledge and wisdom to work this week?
HEY 7th, 8th and 9th graders....... who found the great commission????
Had any awesome time watching Real Encounter tonight!!
How are you doing with your thought patterns like we talked about Sunday? There is always an option to think on other things! #downthedarkside
Remember, we can resist the Devil and his forces because Christ is greater!