Clare Waque
When you can hear the hunters ;)
Bride pride <3
Cobcastle construction crew; stud mission
‘Hey little sister what have you done? Hey little sister who's the only one?’
Honoured to be your maid on a mission <3
Got loft. Take that freaky coywolf neighbours :P #stayhigh #shedsforliving
Two hives down. 100lbs in the pot. 4 hives to go. Need some honey? let me know:) Best I ever. Not one bite. Bees ❤️
Trees make <3. Bark at this. A gift from the gifted @gracewboyd #morethanlumber
Help too many vegetables!! Want farm fresh veggies this Wednesday ? Message me :)
Always bee busy.
Literal off-road experiences. Glad I have friends with gumption and gravel:)
Needed a pick up. BST basemnt > RC3 sweetfern.