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I ѕɛяνɛ God ✝ because that is my purpose.
I ℓσνɛ others 👥 because He first loved me.
I ƈяɛαтɛ art 🎨 because He created me.
I ɛŋʝơყ life 🍩☕️🌿🌊🎶


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"It’s the beauty of simplicity
 That brings me down to my knees.
 I’ll praise You for eternity.
 And Lord, I love You
 Because You, You first loved me." -#telecast
Over the past few years, I have adopted the idea of a minimalist living style. Growing up, my family never had much- especially moving all the time never provided us the luxury accumulate much. However, that also probes us to keep everything because we might not have it again. And if you get rid of it, you'll wish you had it.
So, I saved a lot of stuff. I would buy something or be given something and never use it in order to save it. For what? I have no idea. None. Imagine never getting rid of anything you own- not quite like hoarding- but almost. Like 50 some bottles of lotion and body spray you've bought but never used. Or 100 books you've never read. I won't even talk about art and craft supplies 🙈 Since maybe 2 years ago, I've started using up my inventory. And it feels AMAZING to be using up stuff. One day, I hope to have everything I need and truly want to be able to fit into a suitcase.
This also translates into other areas of life. Why do we tend to make things exponentially complicated than they really are? Like relationships. A relationship with the Lord is NOT complicated. He loves His children! He's not going to do anything to possibly hurt us. Sure, He has to correct us but we need it! We don't have it all together and never will. God offers ALL of Himself to us and we can soak in as much as we are willing to go after Him. Think about that. You can be as close to Him as you desire to be. How bad do you want it? That says a lot about YOU doesn't it? "Draw near to me and I will draw near to you." He urges us to spend time with Him and to enjoy Him! He wants to talk to us, help us, encourage us, and even play with us! The devil tries to make it complicated making us think we have to be a certain way or do certain things. We're not that good and God knows it.
"But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ." -#2corinthians 11:3
nature trail run this morning 🏃🏼‍♀️🌲
nature trail in the #marsh 🌾 (checkout that crab at the end 🦀)
#flamingo 💖
happy morning 🌻🐚☕️🎨
stormy and gorgeous 🖤
Stormy afternoon. Pride and Prejudice. Hot organic caramel tea. ☕️🌱 #winning
#fruit #breakfast 🥝🍍🍇🍓🍉🍈🍑
trying to expand on some new things... slightly stressful 🙃
One of my favorite days of the year- Reelsboro Revival. The sights, the people, and the presence of the Lord- it does my heart and soul so much good 🙌🏻
Marbeled scraps and a little whitewash 🌌
#cardmaking 💕