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Saturday night, 9pm, Main Brewery Theater, the UK Premier of Into Twin Galaxies #kendalmountainfestival
I feel more than a bit hypocritical globetrotting with this particular kayaking movie. Still I have never experienced anything else like sharing this film and experience in a big theater; and so, I feel extremely grateful at the same time.  #greelandismelting #intotwingalaxies #Kendalmountainfilm
Tonight in Mount Shasta... let’s talk rivers! #remote&extreme #colombia #greenland #norcal #kayak
We’re pretty fired up about a Special Jury Award at the  @banffmountainfestival with director @jochenschmoll , expedition instigators @sarahmcnairlandry and @eboomer and my mom! #nowwedance
My mom and I are Mountainfilm groupies. Usually between films we go adventuring, but it’s been so f**king cold this Banff (maybe because we’re showing the coldest Kayak movie ever!?). Anyways we hit the climbing gym today. #momhasskills #liveyourownadventure
Exploratory kayaking in Colombia is made easy by the shear number of untested rivers and the fantastic people who live near by. In the case of the Rio Guiza, Franco rented a neighbors car, picked Lane and I up in Pasto, and drove us 3 hours to his families farm just upstream from a canyon that had never been attempted before. It’s pretty simple really... kind of. #southerncolombia #guabo #guiza #lifepoints photo:@gravyboat84
It's helpful to look at a map of Colombia to conceptualize what I am talking about. No other country has what it has in terms of rivers. Colombia's rivers drain three Distinct cordillera of the Andes spilling huge amounts of fresh water into the Pacific, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic, and the South Atlantic Ocean's. And with the peace process opening up access to so many rivers that were once off limits, there is literally a lifetime of exploration waiting for this generation of expedition kayakers. It also helps that over 12% of the country is protected as national parks! #colombiasalvaje #amazon #orinoco #magdalena #Guabo/guiza
Suited and booted. Photo @ckorbulic #liveyourownadventure
We're on the road to nowhere. #RioGrande #notUSA #argentina
Hurry up and wait. #nortedesantander #ontheroadtonowhere #lifepoints
You don't know what you've got until it's gone. In this case the fine folks of Antioquia are well aware and are showing up in force on the mighty Samana River to show there support for this mighty free flowing river, and opposition to a massive hydroelectric proposal. #expeditioncolombia #letsalljoinhands #evenrafters #colombiasalvaje
These are the people that you meet on the river. #Incolombia #ontheamazon #lasthousein200miles #lifepoints