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En route. #Featherfest
To me the Stikine is all about stories. One of my favorites was told by Aaron Pruzan about his first trip in 96' with "Jumpin"Joe Larrow.  After portaging Site Zed and making the "hairy fairy", Aaron got out of his boat to watch Joe make the must make move. Aaron never saw Joe. Fearing the worst he paddle downstream and got to Wolf Den with no sign of Joe. It must have been terrifying until Joe pulled into the camp an hour later having struggled in the high-water to get out of the eddy. On day 3, the Jackson Hole locals made the first descent of one of the Stikines largest rapids: V-Drive. #legends #lunchfirestories #liveyourownadventure
Per AW source: NF Feather is at 60 cfs for a fish count. Back up to 400 cfs by Friday then 1000 cfs for festival over weekend. My bad on overreaction. Should be a fantastic weekend.
There are two major rapids that are virtually impossible to Portage on the Stikine. Here @brenden.f.cronin takes the Sharp end into The Wall where you pretty much have to boat scout the second half of the rapid.
@owendoyle__  rules. Below 300 CuMecs V-Drive on the "Everest of rivers" is a bastard. 17 year old OD led us home and earned the youngest descent of the Grand Canyon Stikine. #liceurownadventure
Left to right: Pruzan, Owen, @ericseymour , @redonkulous2u , Cronin. One of us is embarking on the youngest descent of the Stikine FYI.
Photo: @fear_and_boating
I'll drive 14 hours for this guy any time. I owe him. He taught me to roll, and it's his birthday. We're heading north with a Rendezvous River Crew with a 32 year age range #north #3000milesnorth #stikineseptember'17 #nowhammies
100 million-year-old granite shaped by millions of years of erosion exposed in 500th of a second with @scottlindgren_ in free fall at 32ft/sec^2. #belowdevilswashbowl.
"A good long walk, permit in hand, here in Kings Canyon land... " lyrics adapted from @jenniferrobertson39 "Hells Canyon land" photo @scottlindgren_
I woke up one morning and I hadn't done the Middle Kings in 6 years. Here's the start of Lucky number 7 on route to Bishop Pass, Le Conte Canyon and arguably the finest stretch of Whitewater on the planet! #7000feetin40miles #middlekingsflush?
JJ's Rawdawg with @fear_and_boating