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The new brown microfiber Choice seat is available now but not for long if the last batch is anything to go by. Pick one up at your local dealer and if they don't got them it's probably time for a quite word. Thanks to @heycliche for the continued support
Missing that groove already @credence_bikes. It's for sure hard to get used to summer being your down time here in Austin. Can be hard to get motivated to ride when it's so damn hot out. Caught a glimpse of Wimbledon while in a waiting room earlier and it made me really miss the summers back home. What little we would get of them anyway! - Ash
I knew very little about this until I spoke to LJ last night. The NYC grands race is a bmx only race around the city with various check points. My first thought was this shit is sick and needs more attention, followed quickly by my second thought that like most other rad events more attention always leads to exploitation of said event and the demise of what made it great in the first place. Some stuff is best left under the radar! Either way our man LJ took forth place and I would love to make it out to this thing one day - Ash
@chad_osburn signature Eon stems are back in stock. Chad wanted something with a decent rise but as he so elegantly put it "doesn't look like it has a erection"
Rise - 29mm
Reach - 53mm
Stack - 30mm
Weight - 11oz 
Colour - black | polish
@chad_osburn is on the mend, in high spirits as always and will be back to this kind of shredding real soon!
Elect stems are back in stock and on their way to shops right now!
Rise - 24mm | 7mm inverted 
Reach - 52mm
Stack - 31mm
Weight - 11oz
Colour - black | polish
Epic shot of @credence_bikes in issue 3 of Maintain. If you haven't had a chance to check out @doleckivisuals solo publication make a point to do so. With the current state of media these days this is a breath of fresh air and a testament to Robs amazing talent.
All our new soft goods including Ritual shirts | Viking mugs | Crest socks just arrived @4downdistro if your after any of this in the U.K. Hit up your local 4down dealer
Seats are back in stock! Available at legit retailers
This photo shot in Baton Rouge by @skapegoat256 sparks inspiration for more good times like this. It was a treat to have Bob onboard to add to the solid crew and capture everything along the way in the most natural way possible. Video will be out in the not too distant future.
If like us your not a fan of switching out plastic bar ends every couple weeks or if your not into the return of all these plastic parts in bmx, our new metal Endure bar ends might be what your after. Available now in black and polish at legit retailers.
Pretty excited about these socks! It has been a goal of ours from the beginning to only do soft goods that are made in the u.s purely for ethical reasons. I just personally feel that unless you are traveling over seas to make sure first hand that the factories making your clothing is 100% legit there is no knowing for sure. There is no way as a company that we want to be supporting the exploitation of other humans that are less privileged than most of us. Socks were high on the list of things we wanted to do but finding somewhere in the u.s to make them seemed like a hard task. Well by luck our paths crossed with someone that had worked for a u.s sock manufacturer and we couldn't be happier with the result. Our Crest socks retail price is a bit higher than your average bmx sock at $12.99 but that little extra cost gives you the satisfaction that you are supporting something free of exploitation.