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Who cares if the temperature is 34°C, wear your denim jackets out even if it's at boiling point temperature 💁🏻
We were craving for fruits and smoothie bowls so bad and when we finally found one, it tastes horrible 🙄
I have like the ugliest tan line ever (halter top lol) because I have zero guts to wear a bikini 😒
Acting chio all day err day
Annual floral offerings c/o @cass_lyy 💞
✨ 2 Legit 1 Legal ✨ #bitchturns21
Thank you for the pleasant surprise love @m.l.d.y 💞
Can't believe how 8 years ago we're always doing stupid things that gets us kicked out of class and whatnot (play with correction tapes wtf) but hey we're tamed bijs now 💋😉
Juice day all day err dayyy