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roma italia
吃吃吃,整天一直吃,吃个不停,吃到你增加二十公斤。吃到你的肚子变成三个人的肚子。吃到你一个人变十个人。看你还敢不敢吃,哈哈哈。My mom @joeywongcg gonna ask me if this is the standard of Mandarin composition I can come up with after so many years of education bc bae following me on insta :’) #chineseb4ok
we took a train right after sunset
la vie en merci
first day of school, easy like sunday morning 💁🏻‍♀️
i don’t know but baby i’ve been told
these _________ gonna steal my soul
My hair sucks now
My friend ask your friend to ask her friend to ask back her friend’s friend of friend
uh huh honey
In a dilemma to continue maintaining my tan (while exposing myself to harmful UV rays, accelerating aging skin) or fade back to snow skin sigh #firstworldproblems
brighter days will come 🌻
brunch dates 👌🏽