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Detail of "grandparents". A portrait of my young grand father. Have a great day!
Good morning! Slowly but surely, two loving parents are emerging. I will continue on this today and am playing around with some new painting ideas. Let's see how that works out..
Have a great day!
Good morning! Almost done! Fiddling around with the details, and tweaking with adding some warm and cold glazes on different parts. It's a time consuming business, this painting.
Well, have a great day!!
Good Evening! Well, real life caught up and forced me to put down my brush, but today was -partly- mine again! I advanced on the commission, tweaking colours and slowly progressing..
Good Morning!!! The sunny morning saw me greeted with coffee. Always a good start. I'm continuing and working from basic indications to the first details on this commission. Have a great day!
After a long break due to exhibition logistics I finally sat down to paint again. Today I have one appointment, and after that: easeltime!!!
Have a great and sunny day!
An older work, as I'm busy with my other pursuit . "My grandparents", 2012, oil on canvas. Have a great, and sunny day!
Good morning! I have started work on a commission: a portrayal of a brand new family with their first born. It's a small painting, but with such an intimate picture it sorts of fit.
Have a great day!
Good Morning! Adding a few last layers on a painting that's been vexing me for a while. I'm finally getting there..
Have a great day!
Good day! Well, I'm working on the underdrawing of a commission. A returning patron as well, which I consider a compliment. In the meantime: detail of "Do I like you?", 2013.
Have a great day!
Yesterday I had a little accident: tipped a painting over that I was working on. Three days of work down the drain.. wet paint and floors don't mix.. so here's a detail of "Mrs. Houwaard", one of the paintings that keeps astounding even me...
Have a great day!
Good Morning! Working on a hand, and being pretty pleased with the result. On to the next! Have a great Sunday!