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Love being this gal's mom!
Riding my horse and spending time with my daughter is one of my favorite things to do!
Horsey riding in Versailles Indiana! The rain does not stop us!
Since I was tired of the brown hair with the gray stripe in my part...I cut all the brown off and am fully embracing my gray with a fun pixie cut. In a month or two, the brown will be totally gone!
How to hide the solid gray stripe in your hair's regrowth? Go black and white haha
Kentucky Derby baby!
The homestead #PrideAndJoyFarm #MyOleKentuckyHome
It seems Oakley is too lazy to adjust his hind end. Half on and half off is good enough for him. Not sure how that's comfortable...but whatever. 😂 #kittycuteness #lazycat
This is the first morning in 3 weeks where I didn't have someplace to be. I'm enjoying my alone time with a delicious cup of coffee before I have to jet out again. What's going on in your neck of the woods?
New do!
Finished painting my kitchen! #farmhouse #MyOleKentuckyHome #kitchenmakeover
This morning's scene...
Who would've thought this is what spring looked like in Kentucky? #MyOleKentuckyHome