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We'll cross rivers and conquer the dusty roads...
I don't use hibernate anyway. Turn of the hiberfil to free up some space on HDD.
Story telling activity.
Weekend is for mommy duties. 
Yeah sure, will have to do a lot of catch up for work but I must not forget to make lots of  memories while she is younger.  @sablayelginclaire
For the love of soccer, these kids play barefoot under the rain.
Day 2: long range combat attack. Front long range and the butterfly #arnis #combat
Pagpupugay = Arnis courtesy

The bow is accompanied by a "po". A Filipino word showing respect to elders and/or to people of authority. Tagasanay Edwin demonstrating the proper way of executing courtesy or pagpupugay in Arnis. 
What to do when power is out? Learn a new sport. :) #arnis #combat #anyo
Weekly Saturdate with the baby boss.
Isang pruwebang may forever. :)
Carabaos. If you need something to mow your lawn. Just a little caution: they eat everything that looks like grass #ruraldiaries
A beauty that caught my eye. Someday, I'll have you hanging on my wall.
Flamingo Furnitures samples is out for the world to see.