REPROLIFE provides Cryotec® products based on the latest technology of vitrification of human oocytes and embryos developed by Dr. Masashige Kuwayama.

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Stardust scattered on the ground.
Stardust scattered on the ground.
Ovarian Club Ⅻ with Dr. Milton LEONG
A high number of babies are born by the Cryotec Method every day at just this clinic alone. The son of the most famous actor in Bollywood, the “King of Bollywood,” Mr. Shahrukh Khan is one of the Cryotec babies.
Exactly 10 years ago, this building was attacked by terrorists.
“Our survival rate with the Cryotec Method is always 100%. If an oocyte doesn’t survive, we know it’s not because of the media or device: It is always the oocyte’s bad quality, which is even rare. That’s why our pregnancy rate can be really high.”