Retrieving Beirut through arts and culture

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#RevivedConstruction #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
I Have This Thing with Beirut ( is a Beirut resident’s digital manifestation of exploring the city’s quirks and charm. Grasping at the seams of the nostalgic, shots of the everyday serve as a reminder of a more humble time of this fast-paced metropolis. Thus, creating a detail oriented space dedicated to the sentimental longing of the city’s past.
TAKEOVER concept - #RevivedConstruction .

Having been destroyed and restored one too many times, Beirut is a playground for all that is old and new. The takeover focuses on how the city’s forgotten buildings have been reclaimed by nature. Having been abandoned by humans for so long, Mother Nature retrieves and revives life back into these spaces. Sprouting greenery from these traditional structures act as a reminder of what was and roots Beirut’s old-fashioned architecture into its modern landscape.
#RevivedConstruction #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 012 | Window Shutters, CMU blocks, "The Thinker" & the "Human Head" | a floor mounted lighting fixture & a bed side lamp shot in an abandoned area in Mar Mikhael | Beirut, 2013 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 011 | Vernacular Architecture & "Two Peas in a Pod" seen from below | a desk apparatus shot in Baabda | Beirut, 2015 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 010 | Carried by the porter- a strap he placed around his neck | "Throne of Social Destruction" | installation shot in front of ked | Karantina | Beirut, 2016 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 009 | Steel Chassi of "Beirut's Coastal Line" placed on the smith's car rooftop | City's Fabric of Bourj Hammoud in the background, Lebanon, 2016 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 008 | Sidewalk Pattern & "Beirut Coastal's Line" | a custom made lighting fixture shot in Al-Qalamoun, Tripoli, 2017 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 007 | Electrical Wires & "None Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" | a display cabinet shot in Bourj Hammoud, Beirut, 2015 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 006 | Truck transporting "Throne of Social Destruction" | installation shot in the streets of Beirut, 2014 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by
#CitysMechanisms 005 | Carried by the porter into the Dark Night | "Vacancy" | a side table & lighting fixture shot in Dora | Beirut, 2014 #RetrievingBeirut #Takeover by