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Retrotainment, a division of Cash-In Culture. We make retro games. & to purchase our games.

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Yes kids, people are still making NEW NES games and Haunted: Halloween '86 (The Curse of Possum Hollow) is one of them!

Get yours today in time for Christmas at or buy it and play it digitally on Steam or the Xbox One!

@retrotainmentgames is #8BitLegit
Teamed up with our friends at retroUSB for this festive advertisement in the @osgmagazine.

The new home for @retrotainmentgames is now live at Stop by and check out the #VideoClipCastle for a few good laughs and get some history on homebrews by the SoleGoose himself on the Press page.  Website developed with the great @mikeydangelo.
Trick or Tweet!

To get a FREE steam key of our game, simply photoshop your Halloween costume in our Haunted Halloween '86 template (image attached) & tweet it back today (Oct 31) with the hashtag: #hauntedhalloween86 on @twitter

Lastly, follow us so we can DM you your Steam key!
Great Costume Contest submission already! See @RetrotainmentHQ on Twitter for details.
And we are live! Come hang out with us for the next hour or so and ask us anything on @reddit.
In 15 minutes we will be available for any and all questions at r/gaming on @reddit. Stop by and learn more about NES homebrew games, our current and future projects and more! Link to live thread is on the way.
We will be hosting an AMA today at /r/gaming on @reddit starting at 1 PM EST. We look forward to talking about NES homebrew games and our goal of keeping cartridge gaming alive in 2018 and beyond! Come hang out! #8BitLegit
Have you defeated the Railroad Bull at the end of Level 4 in Haunted: Halloween '86? He's a hulking, clobbering haunt that always swings for the fences. Are You Rad Enough to play #HH86 on @xbox One, @steam_games or the #NES? #8BitLegit
Have you beaten the Mine Monster at the end of Level 1 in Haunted: Halloween '86? He's a big, bad lug that only crumbles in the face of the fiercest opponents. Are You Rad Enough to play #HH86 on @xbox One, @steam_games or the #NES? #8BitLegit
We are kicking off our week-long celebration of Halloween with the announcement of our Twitter - Trick or Tweet Haunted: Halloween '86 Costume Contest!

Head over to our Twitter account and take a look!

#HappyHalloween #8BitLegit