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Grazie mille, Valledoria! We had an amazing time on your beautiful island - see you next time, Sardinia!

#rhapsodyoffire #rof #theeighthmountain
Headlining Rock & Beer Fest tomorrow. Stage time 00:30h. See you there!

#rhapsodyoffire #rof #theeighthmountain
How is your summer going? We hope you never miss the occasion to listen to our last album "The Eighth Mountain" whether you're tanning on the beach, flying to an exotic destination, sharing a drink with friends or hiking in the Alps! 
In August we'll be headlining four festivals in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Also, we'll be playing 5 dates in Spain in September. We're super excited! Full list below: ➡️ Sat, AUG 3 - Rock n' Beer Valledoria (FREE)
Valledoria 🇮🇹 ➡️ Thu, AUG 22 - XXII Festa Bikers (FREE)
Cologno Al Serio 🇮🇹 ➡️ Sat, AUG 24 - XII° Milagre Metaleiro Open Air (FREE)
Pindelo Dos Milagre 🇵🇹 ➡️ Fri, AUG 30 - XIII Tajuña Rock (FREE)
Morata De Tajuña 🇪🇸 ➡️ Wed, SEP 25 - Sala MasterClub
Vigo 🇪🇸
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2YUpcLI ➡️ Thu, SEP 26 - Sala Acapulco
Gijón 🇪🇸
Ticket available soon ➡️ Fri, SEP 27 - Urban Rock Concept
Vitoria-Gasteiz 🇪🇸
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2LkVe0i ➡️ Sat, SEP 28 - Gineta Rock 2019 
La Gineta 🇪🇸
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2LL52zO ➡️ Sun, SEP 29 - Sala Fanatic
Sevilla 🇪🇸
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2XDy5fU

Spain, we are BACK! After 3 crazy dates in February, we will be playing in 5 new locations this September. We can't wait to deliver great shows for many more Spanish fans! This makes us so happy to finally be able to perform in venues that are closer to our fans. We are waiting for you in Vigo, Oviedo, Vitoria, Albacete & Sevilla 🔥🔥 Comment if you plan to join us! Pre-sales info will be announced very soon. --
España ¡estamos de vuelta! Después de nuestras tres fechas en febrero, volvemos en septiembre para tocar en 5 lugares donde nunca habíamos estado antes. ¡Estamos impacientes por ofreceros un gran espectáculo a cada vez más fans españoles! Estamos muy contentos de finalmente poder actuar en lugares que están más cerca de nuestros fans. Os esperamos en Vigo, Oviedo, Vitoria, Albacete y Sevilla 🔥🔥 ¡Comentad si queréis uniros a nosotros! ¡Próximamente anunciaremos la preventa de entradas! #españa #tour #rhapsodyoffire #concerts #powermetal #symphonicmetal #spain
Spain, we'll be back in your country very soon!
Headlining Tajuña ROCK Festival on August 30th - entrance is free. See you all there!
To everyone in Italy who attended our shows in Camporosso and Santhià last weekend, thank you so much! We had a lot of fun on stage and we felt an amazing energy coming from the crowd! 🔥🔥💪 We also wanna thank Bea’s parents, Antonella and Mauro, for putting out the festival Wings of Bea in her honor 🙏
Athens, look at this crowd!! We had such an incredible time last Friday on stage at Plateia Nerou. We felt so pumped up and grateful for having played in front of 12.000 Greek Manowar fans for this true kings of metal event. We are sure that everyone had a great time. We’ll be back soon! 📷: Romano Depolo #athens #metal #concert #manowar #rhapsodyoffire
In Tokyo one of our fans, @arazal_gallery, made this nicely done Manga-style drawing of us 😛 Shall we produce an anime? What would be our superpowers? 😃
We had such a great time in Japan! Our two shows in Osaka and Tokyo were a blast and it was so incredible to meet so many fans and friends along the way. A big thank you to all our astonishing crew, who made those shows possible. Now, time to rest for our next shows this weekend in Athens , Camporosso (IT) and Santhia (IT)! 😎 who’s coming?
Hola metaleros!
We're super happy to be back in Spain on August 30th 2019! We'll be headlining the Tajuña Rock Festival taking place in Morata de Tajuña (close to Madrid). We expect you to be there as the event is totally free!

Ahí nos vemos! 💪🔥#españa #metal #rhapsodyoffire #festival #powermetal #symphonicmetal #spain #free @tajunarock
What an incredible night we had yesterday in Tokyo! The crowd was so passionate and it was an honor to play in front of such enthusiastic fans. Thank you so much! We hope to be back very soon in this amazing city! 
東京のみんな、昨日は最高だったよ!ファンの熱い熱い想いが伝わってきて、僕達も本当に感動した!この素晴らしい都市・東京に一刻も早く帰って来られるように頑張るよ!心から有難う!#tokyo #shibuya #concert #clubquattro #japan #metal