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I think this might just become my all-time favourite photo of the kids - taken on our trip to the #BritishLibrary 沒 this weekend to visit the History of Magic exhibit. Gryffindor Boy and Super Girl (it窶冱 what she likes to be called!) fell deeply in love with this place - hopefully a sign that they are destined to be #readers 沒 like their parents... either that, or  #superheroes 沽
What great public spaces do your kids love?
Goodness, what a #harrypotter day we had today... starting with the History of Magic exhibition at the British Library, and then a visit to the #houseofminalima in Soho - a shop/art gallery/twisty funhouse museum 沁ェ of Harry Potter #GraphicArt from the amazingly talented design duo of #EduardoLima and #MiraphoraMina 沁ィ
It was such a thrill to actually meet Eduardo there, and Tabitha was even more thrilled to be handed a yummy cake  by one of the lovely members of staff, that they were handing out to celebrate his becoming a British citizen. It窶冱 not often you get to meet such a talented and thoroughly nice person - so welcoming and generous with his time to everyone who came in. He very kindly gave Tabitha a serviette to clean up her face (it was good cake!) as well as putting up politely with my over-excited chattering 笘コク think I out-geeked both kids! I窶冦 not sure what we窶况e done to deserve it, but Britain 汞ャ汞ァ is definitely a richer country today 洟
Anyway, I highly recommend checking out MinaLima if you窶决e in the neighbourhood (26 Greek Street) - the shop is on the ground floor but there are three further floors to explore, showcasing the utterly awesome graphic art MinaLima created for the Harry Potter films. Swipe for a sneaky peak!
We were so lucky to have the sun shining for us on our outing to the #ShuttleworthCollection yesterday (many thanks to @annalavelledesigns for suggesting it - we had a fabulous time!) - if you are in the Bedford area, this is a fantastic museum of vintage aircraft and vehicles, pretty much all of this are in full working order, as well as a working airfield, beautiful Regency gardens and amazing kid play area... perfect for half term. The sun is shining again and we窶决e off on a #HarryPotter related London jaunt. Be warned - there will be photos!
#blueskydays #theshuttleworthcollection 
窶弋hat窶冱 not how you窶决e supposed to play...窶 Do you ever find yourself saying this when the kids leap into some carefully planned activity with great enthusiasm but total disregard for whatever idea you had for them? Mine do this to me all the time, and I窶况e had to teach myself to let go of the very adult focus on end result, and instead appreciate the joy to be had in the process of doing and making and being whatever and however and wherever their imagination takes us. And I know that they窶冤l learn so much more from these experiences than anything I could teach them 沽
#Pancakes in the wild! We have had so many pancakes this week - we even cooked some up at #forestschool over the campfire 沐・ We窶况e had so many, I窶冦 thinking a bit of traditional Lent fasting now might not be such a bad idea! (Swipe to see the cook in action!)
The classic pancake recipe 衍 is up on the blog with all our tips for flippin窶 like a pro... check out the recipes section 汨
I wonder what these two munchkins can be making?! 衍 
Cooking together (with minimal interference from parents) shows what a little team these lovelies have become - it was a joy to stand back and just watch how much they enjoy working and playing (for them, usually the same thing) together. And also how much they really, really love pancakes!
It窶冱 nearly time! 衍 
May you have more flippin窶 success than this poor lady and her 窶徭even, hungry, little boys...窶 (Swipe for more excerpts from this tragic tale!)
Need a pancake recipe? We窶况e got the classic - easy enough for the kids to do - over on the blog... just check out 窶腕ecipes窶
The British S窶冦ore! Got to love a gooey, campfire-toasted marshmallow squished in a #bourbonbiscuit sandwich! Tasty #forestschool snacks round the fire fore a chilly day.
Many of the things we use with our #homemadeplaydough  are wooden or metal objects that we can clean and use again after play. But some of the best-loved and most versatile things are organic bits and pieces that we find or gather, and just use for a little bit before they need replacing. Some are found on our journeys - shells from the seaside; pinecones, sticks, seeds and nuts from the woods; flowers from the fields. Others are gathered from the home - spices, dry pasta, rice, pulses and grains from the kitchen; paper straws and bits of coloured wool and cardboard shapes cut from our art supplies. Their ingenuity always amazes me when I see how these things are used, and never once have they pined for the old plastic toys we used before.
Some of the simple #plasticfree accessories we use with our play dough - buttons! This little collection of colourful wooden buttons are used as stampers, decorations and (very, very, very frequently...) fossils or treasure that is buried in play dough for me to excavate. What do your kids like to use with their dough?!
To see more of our #plasticless things to use with play dough, check out my latest post (link in profile) or stay tuned for a few more pics 沽
#Plastic is one of the subjects I think a lot about at the moment - maybe because of all the problems facing the world right now, this feels like one area where every single one of us can #makeadifference 沍
So I窶况e been trying to reduce the amount we consume generally, and reuse or recycle what plastic we can窶冲 avoid. When it comes down to the kids toys, we窶况e always had a fair amount of plastic as well as a lot made from natural materials (the kids have spent much of this rainy day 沍ァ playing with Playmobil and Lego, for example). But where I can, I窶冦 replacing and avoiding buying more plastic bits. One of the areas where I窶况e been quite successful in this is with the kids play dough - not only do we make our own (recipe on the blog!) but we also now have a completely #plasticfree and gloriously (if I do say so myself) open-ended box of accessories 汳
If you窶决e interested in doing the same, take a look at my latest post (link in profile) where I窶况e described what we use and where to get your own.
Yesterday窶冱 painted rock suffered a little fall, and ended up a teeny bit smudged (the horror!). But it turned out to be one of those happy accidents as the fix-up job led seamlessly into some serious colour mixing work - very important to get exactly the right shade of orange...
#ButItWasRed #DoNotArgueWithPreschoolers