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The kids and I have had great fun making these mason jar shaker cards to give to their teachers 🍎 this week. While I made the cards, the kids made the jar contents which they popped in via the lift-up lid. They loved being able to personalise each card and took great care choosing and making the bits for each one 💕 I only hope the recipients like them! 😬 If you’d like to have a go making these, there’s a tutorial on my blog (link in profile), along with a free download of the linocut mason jar image I printed for this project. 
On a hot, sunny day when you’re in a land-locked county one hundred miles from the nearest beach, any sand will do... 🏖 
#sandpit #outsideeveryday
There’s no toy or screen in the world that can compete with a sprinkler on a hot day! 💦 ☀️ #tinybigadventure 
The perfect bridge for a troll to lurk beneath... but when there are sunlit meadows of juicy grass and jewel-like flowers on the other side, these little kids will brave the crossing... #naturekids
Making a soup out of tiny crab apple buds that had fallen to the ground all around. This was a very delicate preparation - I wasn’t allowed inside until the work was done... #forestplay 
Is there anything more fun on a summer day than making giant bubbles? This wasn’t even the biggest! The kids have been having such a good time, and best of all everything they’re using is all home-made and totally plastic free.

Got sticks and string? You can make these giant bubble wands too - in about five minutes flat! Instructions are on the blog (link in profile). #giantbubbles #summerkids
We thought this broken tree trunk looked like a castle standing in a sea of meadow flowers and surrounded by a moat of nettles. Alas, the drawbridge didn’t reach all the way to the door, so she couldn’t breach the castle defences! 
#fallentree #adventurelikebeatrixpotter 
Why cats 🐈 will one day rule the world - because on a swelteringly hot day ☀️ like today, the dog 🐕 in his big fur coat chooses to sit in front of the oven... #beautynotbrains #bordercolliesrule 
#itsadogslife #bordercolliesofig
One of the things that’s always bothered me about sensory play was having to use a plastic tray as a container. But the wonderful @onehundredtoys have solved that problem by sending us this gorgeous beech wood play frame by @joguines_grapat to test out. Having a space so lovely, lovingly-made, and non-plastic has really inspired the kids and I’m sure it has positively affected the quality of their play. Check out the review on the blog for all the details (link in profile). #onehundredtoys 
#siblingsforlife - their paths might take them in different directions, but it’s just the warp and weft of life weaving them closer together.
Hot days call for cool water.  I find something so invigorating, yet at the same time calming, about being in water 💦 whether it’s the sea or just a little river like this one, near our home. Paddling with the kids in this cool, clear water - funny how it clears the mind as well as cleaning the toes!
We’ve been making twig ball lanterns to add a bit of magic to our #longsummernights ... the kids love carrying these around like their own little #fairylantern 🧚‍♂️ though some of ours are actually pretty huge! Want to know how to make them? A full tutorial is on the blog - link in profile.