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New Rare Futures video:

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//// New Rare Futures live video dropped yesterday! 窶弩orst Thing I窶况e Ever Done窶 - and I assure you, it窶冱 not! (Link here and in bio.)
Played with the talented @mattfazzi @arispectator @alexmarans & @rarefutures
Shot by the talented @siignal & @makelinphotography
Engineered by the talented @yaytour
Managed by the talented @megfazzi
Talenti by the untalented @talenti
#rarefutures #thisisyourbrainonlive #gelato
Mixing musicians who practically don't need mixing. @christiansandsjazz Trio at @jazzforumclub.
Plus a bonus shoe.
#jazz #monk #shoe #16thsoverswing
Unpacking after @mrbreakdownfunk on Saturday (really Sunday, post-recovery)
From Saturday... Drunk as a skunk, sitting in on some funk. @mrbreakdownfunk.. they make some of my favorite music. By now I can call them old, old friends. Been playing with some of them for 10+ years. I'm old.
I dont think he posts much, but @therealjoemamma is one of my favorite drummers.
There are so many great people in this video I'm not even gonna tag anyone. 沒スク: @dan_rappaport
@rarefutures Hitting NYC one more time this Wednesday Jan 24 @arlenesgrocery with some friends! Last one for a little while. Put a sweater on your cat, throw a leash on it, and bring it in for the Miss Pretty Kitty Sweater Committee Contest. Winner gets a fishbowl full of catnip.
Poster design by @misswhiskeyginger
Gifts I Don窶冲 Deserve, Vol. 5:
goddaughters mugging for a mug
Clearly the mental problems run in the family. I look forward to being a positive influence on these young turds窶 lives. POSITIVE INFLUENCE, I said. Yes, sit back down.
#mug #boogers #goddaughter #giftsidontdeserve
Gifts I Don窶冲 Deserve, Vol. 4:
print by @makelinphotography
Beautiful piece of photography, impeccably framed. But it's also an instant emotional teleport to a moment captured in total serendipity at 5 AM on a Michigan lakeside, at the culmination of a trip brimming with teamwork, love, & appreciation. Maks has become a true brother over the past few years, and I窶冦 deeply & earnestly excited to keep making stuff together. (Also present: @rarefutures @mattfazzi @arispectator  @alexmarans @megfazzi @siignal )
#makelinphotography #art #artistツ#photography #giftsidontdeserve #oxfordcommas
Gifts I Don窶冲 Deserve, Vol. 3:
ceramic banana by @beitiak
To complete the #beitiak trilogy, here窶冱 a piece that would frustrate a monkey. One of my favorite things in my office now.
#beitiak #art #artistツ#giftsidontdeserve #ceramic #banana
Gifts I Don窶冲 Deserve, Vol. 2:
prints by @beitiak
I won窶冲 reveal any of it, but the behind-the-scenes info on these prints is so cool. Ask her.
#beitiak #art #artistツ#giftsidontdeserve
Gifts I Don窶冲 Deserve, Vol. 1:
weird hangy thing by @beitiak
My sister has been an incredible artist her whole life, and she continues to take it to a new level every year. I窶冤l let her work speak for itself, but I will say it窶冱 humbling and confusing to be related to someone that makes stuff like this.
#beitiak #art #artist #giftsidontdeserve
Unpacking after The Magic Touch NYE gig. Flying with equipment always leads to some interesting Suitcase Tetris. I try to avoid paying airlines extra baggage $$.ツNot too bad this time. 
#suitcase #tetris #musiciansflying  #jazzcigarette
Best New Year's gig to date with The Magic Touch in San Diego CA. (Part of @cerebralmusicgroup with a healthy chunk of the @rarefutures crew, including the un-photo'ed, essential, & indisposable @megfazzi.) Such a loving, positive, and humorous group of individuals to spend an arbitrary calendar flip with. Next year's goal: gig on the moon.
#moongig #themagictouch #cerebralmusicgroup #rarefutures