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this guy gets it. #liszt
"next thing you know, they're gonna wanna marry dogs"
watch out america.. it's true, the gay agenda now dictates that we make love to snoopy & marmaduke
Morning session w @davereissmusic at @jrod_productions_music. Hits upon hits, absolutely no shits. 
#hits #shits
from mini tour with @envyonthecoast and @cantswim_ back in dec 2017. purple for prince
#memories #rodstewart
Laid down some long-distance drums for my friend @n_penston 's wonderful and idiosyncratic music. He's been pouring out interesting music since I met him 10 years ago (!!!).. go check his stuff out on Bandcamp. He will comment a link below..I hope 
#npenston #tapping #guitar #recording #drums #seltzer
Studio with @samwaymon in Nyack.
Brother can you spare a dime?
(Sound on)
[Re-posting to fix sound glitch]
Bonus snippet from a few weeks ago with @samwaymon at @shrineharlem. Sam's approach allows freedom within form - room for the players to throw nuggets of ideas back and forth...speaking of throwing nuggets, the show was on april 20 and no one tossed any crunchy buds onstage. what gives, nyc??
Still using some beautiful @sabiancymbals_official . (14” Legacy hats, 19” HHX x-treme crash, 20” Legacy ride)
#samwaymon #ninasimone #shrinenyc #sabian #doubletrouble #420
Playing a wedding with some friends today.
Brought a small-ish setup, with 2nd snare in place of a rack tom. I know a bunch of drummers that do this too (@jtorresdrums definitely). Great for keeping the drum footprint minimal when you still need multiple snare tones. Up next: snare drums in place of cymbals.
2 sold out shows tonight with @samwaymon at @maureensjazzcellar 
Spirit food.
That trash cymbal was a gift from my friend Paul Hollands. It was pulled out of the aftermath of a house fire. It's wrinkled and malleable. Sounds like hitting a trash can. Sorry Oscar.
#samwaymon #ninasimone #soulfood
Sometimes endings are longer than the songs themselves. 
Snippet from last week with @samwaymon at @shrineharlem. Sam’s sister Nina Simone was recently inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame; he had just returned from Cleveland where he accepted the honor on her behalf, made a speech, & flirted with Bon Jovi. Needless to say he returned feeling fired up and his normally playful & unpredictable spirit was really in high gear. 
Also a nice opportunity for the @sabiancymbals_official to shine. (14” Legacy hats, 19” HHX x-treme crash, 20” Legacy ride) (w Mario Giampaglia: guitar, Laurence Holland: bass, Colin Pohl: sax)
#samwaymon #ninasimone #shrinenyc #sabian #peoplegetready
My sister @beitiak will stomp all over the art world. Crushing it last night at SVA NYC open studios. Super proud... and also jealous. 
#beitiak #svanyc #openstudios
(Photos stolen from @sarahmdaley )
Playing with my good friend & accidental mentor @samwaymon tomorrow night at @shrineharlem. Celebrating Nina's induction. Happy 420. 
#samwaymon #ninasimone #420  #rockandrollhalloffame