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// mostly music / partial art / friend of fotos / bad at darts.. that's my bio rap //
//Rare Futures, Sam Waymon, Ku'on, & your band soon//

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Wedding band, size XL. at @roughtrade BK

Homies: Dandersen, @shwizzhimself @thebigbradwolf @jonah_chants_karma @mattycarlproject @danaathens @danielle_sheri @dan_rappaport & Kris Yunker
@shrineharlem w @samwaymon
Playing with @samwaymon & the Magic Band tomorrow (Friday) at @shrineharlem - it’s FREE and MAGICAL (no actual close-up or david blaine magic - just the old fashioned spiritual type).
8 PM til 10 PM, come get cleansed!! #samwaymon #ninasimone #shrinebar #shrinenyc
Metric modulation with Ku’on. Music nerds, enjoy a couple simple rhythmic tricks stacked on top of each other. 
1 - drums hold down quarter notes while all other instruments play groupings of 3 16th’s. [basic 3 over 4, time sig 3/4].
2 - drums abruptly join the other instruments, accenting the groupings of 3 16th’s [forces the pulse from quarters to dotted eighths, implies “going faster” - time sig now technically 12/16]
3 - once new “faster" pulse is established, the grid in between is changed from 3 (dotted quarter) notes to 4 (regular quarter) [putting us back in 3/4, but now with a new BPM - because we “sped up” the pulse in step 2, remember?]
anyway, shut up. eat these hashtags
#musictheory #timesignatures #rhythm #musicnerd #drums
#kuon #kuonband #kuonsound
@brightdogred 's "Means to the Ends" comes out on @ropeadope out October 5,2018...
I did a tiny (TINY) bit of engineering on this, recording @emkemm12 on guitar a few months ago. Album also features drummer/ bandleader @joepignato who has been a mentor & guide to me many times over the years...
both of them, in equal & different ways, opened my mind to what music could be & how you can make it. i wouldn't be where i am today otherwise. (although that refrigerator box under an overpass sounds more cozy by the day.)
anyway, pre-order now available on all other major services. 
#brightdogred #avantjazz #fusion #experimentalmusic
Hey friends. My band @rarefutures is looking to play shows at colleges this fall. “Higher Learning,” let’s call it. Are you a student? Do you work at a college? Do you have a friend who does? Do you donate millions to your alma mater and therefore have what we in the biz call “do what I tell you or good luck getting those new desks” status? Get in touch with me. Any and all resources will help. Please, help keep musicians educated. I for one plan to steal as many library books on kleptomania as I can. 
#rarefutures #college #livemusic
chillin next to ron howard's house
#ronhoward #apollo13 #disneysthekid #solo #moondick
working at the @rarefutures demo station past 2 weeks.
#rme #firefaceufx #rarefutures
workin on some drum demos
#drums #demos #rarefutures
Morning session with @natasha_dimarco , @mattwaynesounds , @davereissmusic.
My sis @beitiak displaying more beautiful and painful creations. Open studios at SVA.
#beitiak #sva #openstudios
this guy gets it. #liszt