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Vice Chair, Renovare US. Founder, Author of Mythical Me: Finding Freedom from Constant Comparison, InterVarsity Press.

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James Preston Parham, M.Ac. And his very proud mom.
I’ve loved this guy for 28 years, always praying that some day he’d find a wonderful woman to be his wife. He found her! It’s a joy to give him to another dance partner when she’s as fabulous as Christiana Parham!
On Saturday he was best man (and gave the most beautiful toast I’ve ever heard!). As of today, he’s been one of my best guys for 26 years. Here’s to you, @jprestonparham — you are generous, smart as a whip, hard-working, handsome, gentlemanly, and kind. I am so proud to be your mom. Happy birthday!
This man couldn’t love his three sons more. And this Father’s Day, he has a new blessing: a daughter! Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known.
Sometimes dreams do come true. There’s a new Mrs. Parham in town, and she’s amazing! Welcome to the family, Christiana! #drowsypoetlovestory
Today we rehearsed and dined...tomorrow we celebrate! #DrowsyPoetLoveStory
No Monday blues here! This is the week I get a daughter!! Can’t wait for this beautiful woman to become Christiana Parham! #DrowsyPoetLoveStory
Today is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day that marked the beginning of the Allied campaign to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation. Jack and I took our sons to Normandy when they were 23, 21, and 17 years old—exactly the ages of so many young men who were killed on these beaches in 1944. I hate war, but I’m grateful that men and women have served their countries in times of greatest need.
After a week of sweltering temperatures and disgustingly high humidity, I can’t get enough of sitting outside. Especially if I get to enjoy a lunch date with my favorite guy, who gets the photo credit for this shot. (Anyone else like photos of themselves wearing sunglasses?)
So grateful to attend my brilliant and beautiful niece’s high school graduation. Her valedictory address was the highlight of the ceremony!
There are lots of joyful things on my calendar in the spring. But not all of life is joyful. Last week was especially hard for my family as my precious Aunt Laura, wife of my namesake Uncle Richard, died very suddenly. She had just turned 70. Thomas Lynch wrote, “Grief is the tax we pay on loving.” As hundreds of people gathered to honor my Aunt Laura, I realized the truth of that statement. We are paying a high tax right now. But we will pay it gladly for having had the privilege of knowing and loving her. Please pray for my Uncle Richard; he has hard days ahead.
My mom and me on my wedding day, 34 years ago. What no one could have predicted was that 14 years later, she’d be gone.
Today is my 20th Mother’s Day without my mom. I wish she were still here with me. I wish she could see what wonderful people her grandchildren have become. I wish I could tell her Happy Mother’s Day one more time. But as I was thinking about her this morning, I was struck with the fact that today is not Mother’s Day in heaven. Days like today are for us here, where we’re learning and growing, where we need holidays and holy days to prompt us and help us along our way. We’re “training for reigning,” as my friend Dallas Willard used to say. Here on earth we mark our time in days—some of them special like Mother’s Day, most of them ordinary.
I love special days like Mother’s Day, and I especially love it when my children express their love and appreciation for me. But sometimes we talk as though motherhood were a woman’s greatest calling. It’s a great calling, for sure. But our greatest calling is to be followers of Jesus, whatever that looks like for each of us. My mom is not in heaven because she was a mother, although I imagine that putting up with me may have earned her some extra “stars in her crown.” She‘s in heaven because she’s a child of God, not because she’s the mother of children.
So happy Mother’s Day to all of us who love and nurture children. May we learn and grow together.