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🎤: Debut LP 'Reverie' out soon.
💉: Tattoo apprentice at Ink Obsession.
❤️: Emma.
🌏: Adelaide, AUS.
✉️: info@ricogarilli.com


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Day one. #tattoo #tattooapprentice
Lovely night away @emmasummeruk 😘
My girlfriend is the best because she watches Bob Dylan stuff with me.
Things get better. If you've struggled through a bad day/month/year/life, tomorrow's prime to turn things around. Things really can change overnight. I remember being in a hole I thought I'd never get out of and it sucks, but I'm so glad I braved it through because I eventually made that change happen and I'm finally feeling okay with myself and am finally living a happy life. I never thought I'd be this okay, depression works hard to destroy that optimism, but I can trace my happiness back to one single day that I turned everything around and tomorrow could be that day for you. If not tomorrow, it'll be the next day, or the next. It'll all click one day and you'll be so glad you powered through to greet that day. Make life work in your favour. Be proactive and cut out what isn't serving you positively. Strive for the best version of yourself and never stop working on your goals. Be the best support you have. Do it for you because that's what you deserve, whether you believe that or not right now. I love you and things get better. ❤️
2 years ago ❤️ @emmasummeruk 😘
My nature flash 🍂
Drunk in a punk club. Fresh off catching a dope Beatles cover band.
❤️ @emmasummeruk
Playing with a couple of different styles. Ink to paper.
John Lennon's old hangout.