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The destination will remain the same, only the road you choose that make lots of difference along the way. Whichever roads you took, be confident with your choice.
In the end, we are all just humans. We laugh over funny jokes, we cry over sad things, we delight over happy moments, we upset, scared, confuse, touched, and flattered to many similiar situations.
It takes me to the realization that we're all just different in the outside, but very same in the inside. We share same human hearts, feelings, and emotions. It sad that many of us often focus on what we see in the outside, maybe that's why some people doesn't feel guilty about being bad to others whom they thought differ from them. Maybe that's why it's easy for media and people with certain political interests to screw us up using our diverse faith, beliefs, race, custom, physical appearance, backgrounds, etc.
As a muslim with hijab, I am not gonna lie that sometimes I often have this little worried when trying to make friend with foreigners. Worried about how they might think about me as a muslim, because most of media represent islam as a cruel and violent religion. But gratefully, what happened is always very different with my worried, I even make best friends to some and my faith in humanity often restored.
Lastly, I think there's always a way to us to live together without hurting each other as long as we see through our human eyes.
[Human beings, We created you all from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another...] Al-Hujurat, verse 13.
The day when I lose faith in love, and start thinking about going out with #jamesline instead.
#lol #ofcourseimkidding #linefriends
"Like sunlight, sunset, we appear, we dissappear. We are so important to some, but we are just passing through.." -Before Midnight, 2013.
Inner peace is a luxury.
free-spirited born
So young and naive, lost between reality and dreams.
I am forever grateful for the time I've spent here.
Leaving all the dramas and shitty things behind be like 👋
4 months already, Suksma Bali.
My very first product development project, making green school bamboo postcard to sell at the green shop. I agree to say that green school is more than just a school for many people. its uniqueness and attractiveness has stimulated people to come from all over the world just to see it with their own eyes. I have witnessed relentless bookings for the green school tour everyday, and most of them going home felt something special about the school. I felt like I want to make them, the visitors, not just to 'have' this special feeling on their own but also to be able to take it home and share this special feeling in a piece of postcard, to their families, friends, or their loved one. Or a piece of postcard for green school community to give/send them to their abroad families, isn't it kinda cool to receive postcard from one of 'greenest school on earth'? I made this postcard using photo transfer technique (In this picture, it might look like I just stick a photo on a wood. Actually no, the picture is transferred to the wood with 'certain ways' that I intend to teach to Kul Kul Connection kids). P.S. I used wood as a sample, but next product would produced using bamboo. Another P.S. the green school carving beautifully carved by Pak Yok. I know it's very simple product, but still I am proud that I can create something. And I am about to having more products to be made during my time in green school, either with KKC kids or local sibang kaja residents.