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What to complain about life when i have this crazy-b'ass'-tard beside me (?) 💕
Thankyou for always been there for me 😘
OPEN PO !!! 😍😍😍
Until 27th Feb 2017 💕
Untuk model / pertanyaan lain bisa langsung contact : +6282165611061 / bisa DM ig / add line pada link diatas ! 👌🏻
Place for another 10 days 🌪
Aaaaaa kenapa sihh lu yang nikah gw yang deg2ann 😂 ngelangkahin gw lagii parah banget ! Tapii uda keburu jadi bini orang mau gimana lagi 😥
Pokoknyaaa pia harus bahagiaa yaa sama suaminyaa, mau gimana pun yang penting harus happy, jangan gampang ngambil keputusan lagiii, harus mikir panjang, pokoknyaa all the best for your marriage and wish you guys a longlonglast relationship 💕💕💕 love youu piakkk 😘

Ps : heh bang @adikawicaksana , jagain ade gw baik2 ya 😿
Dont forget to look down everytime you're in your worst situation #apasih #gangerti #ngasal 🤔
Mukabego x Ponibego 🙄😵
Still in Valentine's mood ! 💕

Using my fav Kylie lipkit " moon " from @abeille.beauty 🌚🌑
Suksess yaaa @syifahadjureal buat @hadjunature yang baru banget launching productnyaa 💕🌿
You can go formal or casual with this dress tht i got from @morningsol 💕so in love 😘
2017 will be a selfish year. The time will be invested on me so i can improve myself and grow into a better person.
Having a lot of fun, learnt lots of things and meet a lot of amazing people ! 1,2,3 GLOW ! ✨
Thankyou for having me today ! 💕💕💕 @sahabatmarina #123glow
Having fun with this lovely girls @cindycendana @christyrsm @dinidinda 💄#123glow @sahabatmarina 💕