Richard Rankin
Very excited about my very first photography exhibit, this month in Brooklyn. Should be most excellent - could be an utter distaster. Who knows?! Come along!! Either way, it'll be fun... For you.
Part 2. Couldn't be happier for you guys!!! ☺ 💍 🎉
Need to post this in 2 parts. So pretty much the most wonderful thing happened today as I was minding my own business, taking pictures of a bench, with my mediocre tour guide @musicbizliz. This beautiful man proposed to this beautiful gal and she said yes! Thought my heart was gonna burst they were SO HAPPY!!!
Met this nice fella in the Park. Thought I was taking a photo of his dog but he was just as interesting. Nice to meet you!
Thanks for letting me shoot your dog in the street. #didntactuallySHOOTit
There it is again. It's everywhere.
Found this cool bridge.
Vineyard in Sonoma. Flooded.
Loving my new workout socks. Thanks @nike
Ovaries exploded. Still not sure what that expression means... When in Rome.