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The final hours of being 12. T -2 1/2 hours till 13
Last time I did this well, I was under 7:30:00 I have a little ways to go
It's her splitting image ??? 😂😂😂
I call this pose "frightened my pizza will get cold before I get home"
@coffeeformitch gave me this book 15 years ago... and allowed me to work for him longer than I deserved... (thanks Mitch) ... he taught me to pull a pretty great shot and froth without burning... now I'm getting ready to initiate a cafe in our newly renovated Church basement, and brushing up on my coffee knowledge #ristretto  #lungo  #breve #latte #macchiato #arabica #robusta
9 months of prepping, planning, praying and fasting come to a head tonight! Fueling up before hand!!