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here's my august tbr! lady midnight has been on my monthly tbrs every month for about a year, so I want to make this month the month I finally read it! 😂 have you read any of these? what did you think?
this is my july book haul! i actually only bought 2 of these (the colour purple and what we left behind), and even those were second hand. harper did a bloggers networking event in the waterstones in my city, so I got lots of free books there! i got paperweight and suicide notes from beautiful girls in a trade.
this is the book I'm currently reading! It's my mum's favourite book. I took this photo in Cornwall on holiday and j think it's beautiful! We went to the most stunning beaches. my copy of perfume is second hand so it's quite battered, but for me that adds to the charm of the story! It's all about the sense of smell - the way that the book physically smells very strongly adds to the experience!
at the end of June I posted on the blog about the queer books that have helped me in my journey - these were some of the books that featured. it was a very personal post, so I'd really appreciate it if you could give it a read. -

On another note, I'm sorry for being so absent! Life has been very busy, but I'm off for the summer now, so hopefully ill be able to get back into the swing of things now. thank you for your patience!
who's watching the handmaid's tale on channel 4? i am! it's so good, but really emotionally harrowing. im still yet to read the book, but it's very high up my tbr! have you read it? what did you think?
i read this in may and i loved it!!! definitely my favourite from the series. i love all the characters so much. if you haven't picked up this series you definitely should!!!!!
rainbow stack of lgbt+ books! ive read most of the books in this pile - all apart from the well of loneliness which im hoping to read in june for pride month. any recs for lgbt+ books? 🌈
you know those books that you bought, were really excited to read, but then they just keep getting sidelined and you never read them? these are all these books for me. someone please motivate me to read them! 
also, look how cute our plant is? he's called max 💕
one of my recent loves is non fiction. when it's like a memoir/essay collection, it feels so personal and close. also, it's so so so warm here so ill be starting my summer theme! I love taking photos outside 🌈
so last week was #mhaw17 and raising awareness for mental illness is something that's very important to me. all these books have very good representation of mental illnesses - especially under rose tainted skies and a little life. some of these might be triggering (if you want, dm me for tw!) but they're all fantastic 💖
I am so terrible at remembering to post to Instagram! I wish there was a way to set reminders or something :( I still haven't got always and forever lara jean, which tbh I'm pretty devastated about. I adore these books so much, and I need more of my fix of Lara and Peter ❤️❤️❤️
here's my April wrap up! i read loads of books this month and im really pleased.
Homegoing - 5/5
The good immigrant - 5/5
THUG - 5/5
The rest of us just live here - 2/5
Countless - 4/5
 what was your favourite book from April?