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"Kicsim! Csak az outfitemet fényképezd, nincs rajtam smink!"
Így néz ki, amikor én Valakit szeretek.💕 #oneandonly
Így a legjobb már két éve a szülinapom! 😍❤❤
My second Eminem concert was 50 days ago. Can't believe it. Let's see what Marshall means to a Stan like me ❤

He’s more than a rapper, artist, icon, 🐐 etc
To me, he’s an idol, his journey in life isn’t only something to look as and admire but something to look at and follow.
He shows you that nothing in life is impossible... a white kid from a predominantly black city, bullied physically and emotionally since he was born has gone on to achieve greatness that artists alike envy. If anyone talks about overcoming the odds, mention Eminem cos you won’t find anyone who fits it so well. 
He also represents the power of the mind, and how your brain can achieve so much if you simply excel in what your talents are.
For eminem, it was the artistry of lyricism... for you it may be something else... so don’t be afraid to explore.
Remember “a normal life is boring”!
You don't even understand how important he is to me ❤ 
Thank you Marshall for everything and stay rhyming @eminem @rosenberg ❤❤
I am brave now. I post these pics. - "Don't let them say you ain't beautiful..they can all get f*cked just stay true to you" - @eminem ❤🎤
Mind megettem ✌