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Bien, c'est lundi matin. Je viens de reveiller et j'ai vu ce post sur instagram. Il y avais une choses dans ma tete, c'est comme qqn m'a dit "rejoindre le concours, mec! C'est ton tour! eh bien, ça commence par goûter la cuisine à la française et après que ton rêve deviendra réel! Tu peut aller en France, peut-etre! Qui sait?" Je suis la bonne personne pour gagner ce concours. Pourquoi? Parce que si je gagne ce concours, vous sauvez ma vie et mon reve pour aller en France!

Et vous, les meufs @cherieynt @egaemha @marie_sirait vous devez également participer à ce concours, bonne chance! #Goodfrance #goutdefrance
I always excited to just stay in Bali during the Silent day (Nyepi). I just love it because i can see the real balinese culture and many ceremonies, start from Melasti ceremony, Ogoh-ogoh Festival, Omed-omedan, people is busy to prepare everything for this day. This is 24 hours without light, no work, no travel, no entertainment, start from 6AM until 6AM in the next day.

Well alright, i would like to say Happy Silent Day (Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi) to all balinese Hindu friends. May it brings us the good things!

#MRHLS #Nyepi #SilentDay #Balinese #culture
Stop complaining about life and yourself! Be blessed! Smile a lot! Be greatful and say there will be the rainbow after the storm!

#MRHLS #RDmerahmeriah #RedTraveler #throwbackthursday
Have you guys got your own Corner's Card? I got mine already.

Nah, mumpung mau nyepi @beachwalk_bali lagi ngadain Nyepi Giveaway, hadiahnya Nyepi package 2 Night di Ramada Sunset Road! Mudah-mudahan menang. Caranya:

1. Wajib follow @beachwalk_bali 
2. Foto selfie dengan menunjukan Corner's Card di spot favorit kalian.
3. Upload fotonya di instagram dan mention @beachwalk_bali, tag location juga di Beachwalk Bali.
4. Sertakan hashtag #balistartshere #beachwalkbali 
Yuk mumpung masih ada waktu, karena pemenang akan diumumkan di tanggal 14 Maret. Langsung datang ke Beachwalk, dapetin Corner's Card kalian, dan selfie! 😎

#balistartshere #beachwalkbali
Magical colors of sunset #MRHLS
Segunda-feira 🙂
How about chillin by the beach this afternoon while having drinks, anyone?

Don't forget to check my latest blogpost on my blog. Link in bio

Cheers! #MRHLS
Lo que sea, solo sonrio (whatever it is, just smile) 🙂
Distance is always never easy for anyone. Her and me have been separated like far far away, Indonesia and Norway. Sometimes we made a video call and have a little conversation, sometimes we just send a text, sometimes we make a phone call. Now, no need to worry, she is around here in Bali. Welcome home darls 😘

Having my lunch set, Kwetiaw + Orange Juice. Just delicious! #MRHLS
Don't take anything too serious while you are in Bali, that's what the say 🙌🏻 #MRHLS