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ARTIST - Thrill Seeker, sometimes i fuel my acting Keeda. Do checkout 'WHAT DO YOU WANT', TECHSEX, RESPECT on YouTube. #rizwansikander


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@shamasikander Web series #abdilkisunn @abdilkisunn, Chapter 3, is related to her brother #rizwansikander's real life incident. 
Mercy is a real life incident that was faced by myself, where the roles have been reversed for the show.

what exactly happened and how did this change his life, he said, ” It was years back that I was leaving a restaurant in the suburbs with my girlfriend, where few boys were Eve teasing her and then started physically touching her. This made me lose my cool and I got into a fight with them to protect her, where I later realised some other guy from behind came and  slit my neck from the side, I was unconscious but I later felt that I was dripping with blood.

We somehow managed to reach the hospital and the doctor said that we should be thankful to GOD if cut was little more deep he would have not survived. It was still a 360degree cut and 56 Stitches were taken and it took quite a long duration for recovery. #shamasikander was later called to the hospital, while she was shooting for ‘ Yeh Meri Life Hai’ and while on her way from Sakinaka to Lokandwala, all she thought was how do I charge those boys who did that crime against my brother.” “ She was fuming, angry, frustrated but when she reached she realised, there is nothing that can make any difference. After seeing me, Shama decided to let go of them, and forgive them. And that’s how she realised giving mercy is the only way to let this be in peace. And that’s how this story came up for Ab Dil Ki Sunn. So I played the Protagonist in this, and reversed the role, as when we are angry and frustrated we tend to make wrong decisions in life and how one simple forgiveness can change everything. And this is what we showed here, if our own family members by mistake would do something wrong to someone else, even we would ask them to forgive them. And that’s the circle of life and what we hope to show. So I’m really happy that ‘Mercy’ has been getting so much love from the Viewers. It’s making me so much at peace. “

Thank you @shimmerentertainment @lathiwalatasneem @namitarajhansofficial for the coverage!
Unleash your demons, 
Happy Friday the 13th.
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Happy Birthday to my fellow Cancerian @siddharthchopra89 My SIDDY BOY. Bravo you nailed it in your transformation... More Power to you bro!
This time it was a birthday surprise for me too... @priyankachopra It was lovely meeting you, and our dance on my favorite song #gallangoodiyaan is due!!! And mama ji @madhumalati your becoming more & more stunning, keep shinning Maa 🤗❤🤗. #priyankachopra #madhumalati #siddharthchopra #rizwannsikander #birthday #bros #cancerian #Birthdayboys #boys
Thank you for this mind blowing picture @sharpshooter_swap @_the_shutter_stories ❤🤗❤ #rizwannsikander