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Today, our Executive Director, Mr Zainul Abidin Ibrahim and representatives from @mercy_relief and @beritahariansg visited sites of our transitional shelter projects in Bhaktapur, east corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.

In 2015, the Singapore Muslim community raised S$240,000 for victims of the Nepal Earthquake. The team will be in Nepal for the next 4 days. Updates coming soon!

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We walk hand-in-hand with the people of Sri Lanka in condemning this act of terror. May strength and unity be with those affected by this. 😥
We are calling for more volunteers for Project Touch that will end in August 2019. If you are passionate about engaging the elderly, or are keen to learn, drop us a DM.

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In this first session of a 6-month elderly engagement project, we broke some ice with the residents of Champions Way.

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In this first session of a 6-month elderly engagement project, we broke some ice with the residents of Champions Way. 👏💯 #rlafsg #projecttouch #dosomethingfornothing
The 6-months elderly engagement project will see us partner @masjidyusofishak and @carecornersg Woodlands. We will be befriending the elderly of the 2 rental flats in Champions Way.

If you wish to be part of the volunteering team, slide a DM.

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16 volunteers took to the rental flats of Champions Way to engage the elderly last Saturday. An invaluable experience for us was that while we have the best of expectations, it is easy to get derailed when things do not go according to plan.
Most residents weren't home and some did not feel comfortable accepting our gifts. We embrace those who we could reach out to and it gave us the drive to do better next time. Outreach work is about building relationships and we are eager to improvise and learn
#projecttouch is a 6-months elderly engagement project by @rlafoundationsg and @masjidyusofishak which aims at developing our volunteers and provide companionship for the elderly of Champions Way

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After a few months of incubating ideas and planning, our team of volunteers from @rlafoundationsg and @masjidyusofishak will embark on a 6-months elderly befriending project for the residents of rental flats in Champions Way, Woodlands. We start today.
While there are existing efforts to befriend and engage the elderly beyond caregiving in 🇸🇬 there is still an apparent detachment. We believe this project can help address that and be of value to everyone involved.
Our last eldercare project was in 2016 for Ren Ci Nursing Home and we hope this year's edition will be as meaningful.

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An unthinkable happened today. Prayers for everyone affected by the #christchurch mosque attack and may everyone be protected from more harm and hate. Amin. 😥
A year ago, we visited Kutupalong Refugee Camp that was striving for survival. A year on and after their first monsoon, help and resources are still much needed. They are preparin for their next monsoon.

Praying that help will continue to stream in for the ppl of #rohingya and that repatriation will materialise soon.

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The RLAF Grant application is now open until 8 March 2019. If you have local or overseas humanitarian and development projects in mind for June 2019 onwards, apply via link in bio.
Projects are to be held at least 3 months from the date of submission. Local projects can receive support up to $20,000. Overseas projects up to $40,000. Open to all registered organisations and enterprises. PM us to know more and help share!

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We finally had the opportunity to visit the Red Cross Home for The Disabled and understand how @rlafoundationsg can come in and be of service. The Home houses at least, 90 residents with various and multiple disabilities.

The team is incubating something. Drop us a DM if you want to be part of. Major respect to all volunteers and caregivers of PWDs, really.

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