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Keeping our Valentine窶冱 Day pizza tradition alive 沚補勍ク #BrettandRileyspecial
Excited to kick off my next round of #marathontraining today in preparation for marathon #7, the Youngstown Marathon! See you in June, Ohio! @yomarathon #RUNTHEYO #50marathons50states
#ContemporaryAThon round 2 starts in a matter of hours! 沁 Here窶冱 my TBR for the week...
沽探he Hating Game by Sally Thorne
汳With Malice by Eileen Cook
汳裕he Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
沛菱onor Girl by Maggie Thrash
#bookstagram #tbr #readathon
Drizzly Saturday afternoon walk with the crew. 沍ァ汳
Feel like 汳ゥ but at least I窶况e got my books and New Girl. 沒夸汨歴汨
#CurrentlyReading: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
#bookstagram #TheRavenCycle
When working out *literally* pays off 汳ェ沛サ汳オ Shout out to MHC HR for promoting wellness among faculty and staff on our campus! 汳 #SAfit
笶ク修ompleted 16 Books in January!笶ク
The Only Child, 4/5
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer窶冱 Stone, 5/5
Dark Matter, 5/5
Illuminae, 4/5
The Night Circus, 4/5
The Unexpected Everything, 3/5
The Raven Boys, 4/5
El Deafo, 5/5
Stitches, 3/5
Artemis, 3/5
This Savage Song, 4/5
5 to 1, 3/5
Dark Places, 3/5
Dear Ijeawele, 5/5
Not pictured (returned to the library):
March Book Two, 4/5
March Book Three, 4/5
#bookstagram #readingwrapup
What a great thing to come home to after a STRESSFUL AF day! The traveling book of Fangirl arrived on my doorstep from Australia 汞ヲ汞コ along with a hilarious card from @michaelandhisbooks 沽を沽 If his card made me laugh out loud, I can窶冲 wait to see what his annotations have in store for me! 汳 Thanks Michael! 笘コク
#bookstagram #travelingbook
Super appreciative of my @thefoxyfix #travelersnotebook for housing all of my sporadic and not-so-organized thoughts. It窶冱 been a life saver this last week! 洫 #braindump #plannercommunity
I came home to a magical surprise tonight, courtesy of @coachbrettangel! 笨ィ Excited to welcome Luna, Sirius, Dobby, and a super creepy and awesome Dementor to my HP Funko Pop collection 笘コク Thanks, babe! 沽
#funkopop #harrypotter
Good morning! 笘包ク I haven窶冲 posted a book picture in 2018 yet because due to a (no joke) WEEK LONG headache, I haven窶冲 really been reading much. 沽」 I thought I窶囘 post a little #currentlyreading to keep you all updated. What are you reading at the moment?
Currently Reading: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater 窶「
#bookstagram #fridayreads
This trip threw about 853 curve balls at us but we still had a blast! 泅「衍を汞ァ汞ク 窶「
#deluxedrinkpackage #meowmeowmeow #horatiothelephant #doodiegangdoodiegangdoodiegang