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I am the keeper of (cue superhero music) the blog RoadsideTravels.com! Amateur urban explorer, hopeful photographer, Netflix binge-watcher and mom.


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Amazing day @Epcot #flowerandgardenfestival #freshepcot
Taste of New Orleans for lunch today with Salmon Tchoupitoulas (don't ask me how to pronounce it but its amazingly good!)
Their smiling because its almost the weekend <3 <3 #kids #kidselfie
"Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others" #womens march #womensmarchorlando #orlandostrong❤️💛💚💙💜
Fulfill Your Travel Dream in 2018 Staying On Budget While Traveling https://roadsidetravels.com/fulfill-travel-dream-2018-staying-budget-traveling/
New Year, New Views, New You: Top 2018 Traveling Destinations from Across the Globe It’s 2018, and what’s stopping you from making this year the year that you finally start seeing some countries, places, and views that you've never seen before? And, what’s stopping you from finding a new …https://roadsidetravels.com/new-year-new-views-new-top-2018-traveling-destinations-across-globe/
Having a blast at #MarvelUniverseLIVE
Getting ready for the brand new show! #MarvelUniverseLIVE @MarvelOnTour #hosted
Are you Ready for Next Adventure? Wander Lust For Rather Less https://roadsidetravels.com/wander-lust-for-rather-less/
We had a blast today at the #MarvelUniverseLIVE training session @MarvelOnTour @AmwayCenter #AmwayCenter Stay tuned for more pictures and videos.
Someone once asked me: “Why do you love music so much?”, I replied: Because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone. 🎶
Chicken Margarita with parmesan crusted zucchini