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Executive Director of the Richmond Arts Coalition. (Film Maker, Songwriter, Advocate and Community Builder.) #nonprofitlife #arts #music #video

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Adios amigo.  Until next time.
Rob & Dong
I am not well suited to this world of accepting humans as foolish fodder, enslaved by corporate greed.  I watch my loved ones (myself included) exploit themselves every day for some mystical calling of what? Fame, glory.... no... people are addicted to social media for the most basic human need, acceptance.  People are not told that they are loved and appreciated enough and that is the basis of all marketing and media.  If your loved ones don't say I love you and hold you when you're sad and lonely, you get left to the wolves of products and entertainment that dull your senses and make you TEMPORARILY feel better.  Self soothing is largely a myth unless you are taught it and spend years practicing.  Luckily, there is booze, drugs, porn, soft drinks and McDonalds to sooth one's self loathing...TEMPORARILY.

But days like today, stress pains in my guts, alienated and feeling alone at the fact that the latest Marvel franchise or Kanye West song gives me more pain than pleasure, I ponder the depths of human darkness that so many glance over and see how that darkest and most greed driven orginizations and sociopaths really and factually run the planet and our false democracy. 
I can imagine the beauty and sense of oneness the indigenous people, of the not so distant past, once felt as they traversed abundant lands of food and healthy natural landscapes.  I fantasize about the air and how sweet it smelled before the smog.  And I reminisce about a more recent time in my hometown of Richmond, BC. when people lived and flourished here.  A time before we became an investment city, when people really cared about this town and their neighbours. 
Then I think of the one I love the most and how burdened she must be by my inability to keep my mouth shut and go with the flow.... That's the part that kills me inside.  She wants to be happy and go to movies and have babies and I see the dark truth through the forest and can't look away...if only for a moment... to enjoy all the beauty that is around me.  I know joy and beauty are around me... but it seems wasted when I think of those around the world that suffer for the insanity that is modern society and mainstream culture.
It was fantastic seeing the Richmond Arts Awards takeover Council Chambers in City Hall.  Being the executive director of an advocacy group is a wild and diverse experience. #arts #advocacy #politics
Nice gig. :) I love doing the sound at sound healing workshops. #wellness #yoga #soundhealing #throatsinging
Open studio at The Vault.
My kind of community outreach #🎵is❤️
Playing "Spare What You Can" by Enrico Renz for the Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada fundraiser.  What an amazing experience for a good cause. #love #life #mentalhealth #canada #community
#Piano day at @redlightrecording with @nealmiskin aka #DoctorSound The new album is sounding epic.
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