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A year ago I joked about being a crazy bird lady and here I am 5 birds later lmao. Spearow on the right is my new 8-week old chicken. 🐣
And the fam of three birds becomes four. 😂 This is Mango.
Lmao cya forever Melbs.✌️ 🏖️
View from the room. Hbu?
*Obligatory travel post* But also I made it to Queensland finally. ✈️
I adopted a green cheek conure (Kiwi 🥝) to join my other green cheek Skittles and cockatiel Sunny. Kiwi and Skittles are already best buds.
Finally got to see the Hokusai exhibition with @saanajane 🌊
Beware of 🐍🐍🐍 #squatsquad #binrats
@doughnut_time date with @saanajane 🍩 Vegan chai & salted caramel pretzel. 👌
It's incredibly hard to get a good photo when you're in the mosh but we were first row and @theamityaffliction were also incredible. 🙌 @nathansola
I bought a lot of plants yesterday which also included a lot of herbs and an air plant on the biggest piece of quartz. 🌿
Pretty confident I've spent almost $100 on Spudbar in the last fortnight. 😅