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23 • Gamer & Artist
🕊️ Bird Mum of 8 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Still doesn't change the fact I'm waiting on an Elder Scrolls 6 (Bethesda pls) 💉
My lil Guava ❤️💚
Crazy bird lady ventures out into the world (with one of her birds). 😏
Doing the absolute most and rolling into Sufers by boat.
In QLD again and went jet skiing around South Stradbroke Island today, wbu?
This is Echo 🐦💚
#PAX is sadly over once again. (I bought a 20th anniversary Tamagotchi tho 😏)
We all know I'm a crazy bird lady. This is my beautiful lutino lorikeet. Her name is Phoenix. 😊🔥
A year ago I joked about being a crazy bird lady and here I am 5 birds later lmao. Spearow on the right is my new 8-week old chicken. 🐣
And the fam of three birds becomes four. 😂 This is Mango.
Lmao cya forever Melbs.✌️ 🏖️
View from the room. Hbu?