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May 18, 19 & 20, 2018! Tickets on-sale now!

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A new @UnderoathBand song has graced us and our emo hearts are screaming. 窶櫓RASE ME窶 is out April 6th on @FearlessRecords. Hear the new song 窶廾n My Teeth窶 + pre-order the album at

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You know what's coming... get your tickets now before it's too late, see you in Columbus... (ticket link in the bio)

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"The Art of Letting Go" from @STPBand has us feelin' a bit emotional. Great new song, can't wait to hear this album! 
Listen now, link is in the bio!

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PRE-ORDER PARKING 汳・ available now
buy now, save later. get your parking for the full weekend now at the link in our bio! 沒ク @samshapiromedia
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TOMORROW is your last day to preorder your office #ROTR T Shirt. Get them now cause this design won't be available at the show ( link is in the bio )
Perfection takes time.

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Typically when tweeting, Maynard James Keenan is dismissive about Tool's new music ever being finished. A recent pair of tweets, however, appeared to be genuine, though still cut with a bit of the expected sarcasm. In the first tweet, the frontman explained that he began receiving the final version of tracks from the rest of the band a few months ago. "That, in theory, means the tracks won't change out from under me while I'm trying to write stories and melodies to them. In theory," commented the singer. 
Last year, he told Joe Rogan that there's been instances where he received the final version of songs, finished lyrics, and then the song changed and he had to scrap everything, so that's where the "in theory" bit comes from.

Though he's still waiting for the final version of one more song, Keenan has made remarkable progress. "Words and melodies 100% done on all but 1," he added in a second tweet. Tool will still need to track everything in the studio and are a "long way from the finish line.窶
@threedaysgraceofficial just released 'I Am The Outsider' and gave us a track listing for their upcoming album. Read more at the link in our bio.

we're here for it and can't wait to rock out at #RockOnTheRange! 
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We're still waiting for Tool's new album... and we will continue to wait till it's here.

@Rollingstone tells us why they're a band worth waiting for (link is in the bio)
"If There Is Light, It Will Find You" by @sensesfailofficial is out today! Let us know what song of the album you want to hear LIVE at #RockOnTheRange

pick it up today, link is in our bio.

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Tell that special someone you care by sending them a #RockOnTheRange Valentines Day card. 
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we feel your pain, but don't worry... Monday is almost over