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The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul 😘
What’s up everyone ??? Are u guys enjoying @boxcricketleague ??? #KillerMTVBCL #BoxCricketLeague #BCL @lucknownawabs @mtvindia @ektaravikapoor @anandmishra2013
Looking at the weekend like 😎😎
My sixth pillar and the last one is one whom I share a very close bond of friendship with.  We met on Bigg Boss and never had I expected that I would come out with such a strong friendship from the house.  We both may not meet each other everyday but we know what's happening and we pick up from where we had left off everytime we meet.  A strong and independent woman, she's truly a wonderful human being. Lopa, your friendship has a special space in my life.  #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries @lopamudraraut
My fifth pillar is the youngest female in my life, Ashnoor.  She ties rakhi to me and I'm protective about her just the way an elder brother would be.  Her innocence and view of life are remarkable.  #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries
My fourth pillar is someone I was blessed to meet through my professional life and one of the best people I have met in the industry.  She calls a spade a spade and is always there to give sound and honest advice.  I respect her journey and her strength as she is one of the strongest women I know.  Hina di, you truly are an inspiration to so many girls out there and I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to work together and hence form a bond which is irreplaceable.  #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries
My third pillar is someone who is my partner in crime!  My movie date, my dinner date and the girl who gives me endless love to compensate for living away from my family, @kanchisingh09 you are one of my greatest strengths!  The trust, the respect and the honesty which binds our relationship makes me realize how lucky I am to have you in my life.  #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries
My second pillar is the most inspirational - we've spent a childhood together and yet never fought. Ritika di as a child I remember always being in awe of you and you were always there to help me like a second mother almost.  Not only are you extremely intelligent but you are one of the most real people I know.  #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries
Today being Women's Day I realize there are so many extremely important women in my life.  I have six pillars and each is so very important.  Starting with the first one, only if I could dedicate 365 days to her as she's dedicated her life to me and our family!  Mom you are the most caring person I know of and I honestly miss you the most!  I cherish the days when I go back home and am pampered by you!  Your encouragement means the world to me and I know I can accomplish everything I dream of because your blessings are my wings! #WomensDay #MyPillars #WomensDaySeries
Style is the perfection of a point of view 😊
Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. 😀
Hoardings out!! Representing Lucknow Nawab’s this time!! The wait is over. A new season of  Killer MTV Box Cricket League begins tonight. Tune in to MTV at 8 PM. Here, every ball counts! 🏏🤩 @ektaravikapoor @anandmishra2013 @boxcricketleague_3 @mtvindia