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Wedding season with my better half
See you later MSB. Hello Magnolia Hotshots
Rest up Smoov aka Melvin Caruthers aka Dad
Nitrogen dragon balls
If someone don’t use this vacation I will lose it. I can’t go
Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready....
This ink don’t come off even if rings come off.....
S/O to @swishcultures for putting together the highlights of the finals #SouthpawOutlaw
Team Travee almost in full force.
Friends turned family!! Product placement at its finest #NikeFamily
For everyone in the sky looking down on me, protecting me and guiding me. Thank you
First of all I want to thank my teammates who was resilient all season through the ups and downs the injuries suspensions etc etc. Second of all I’d like to thank management from President Christophe on down thank you for your professionalism and hard work. Alex the Physio. The coaches did an amazing job of preparing us for every game. And last but not least the FANS!!! Thank you for an amazing special season. We will be forever tied together through this championship much love.