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🍲 Good ingredients
🇦🇪 Locally sourced
👨🏽‍🌾 Lovingly cultivated
🌽Freshly harvested
➡️ is the basis of everything we set out to do

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Come join us today and meet Roots Bistro’s Chief Collaboration Officer @organicexpome for a talk at 1:30 pm; “How planting a seed can change the way we eat.” The expo opens its doors today at 11AM. It’s a great opportunity to meet the farmers and learn more about organic and natural food and products.
From @organic.guild farms to the table. These freshly harvested veggies were picked by the farmers today. Delivered, to us then to you, with love. Enjoy the organic freshness and crunch away. #stayhealthy #stayhappy and #staygrounded
@conorsthenics glad you’re enjoying #rootsbistro #vegan #mealprep.
The nursery ❤️❤️
The cornfield in the making in Abu Dhabi. It’s organic certified.
It’s lunchtime! We are sending you love and good vibes from our organic farm in Abu Dhabi. Look at the cucumber! Nom Nom Nom!