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Going on holiday with this one has been the most fun ❤️ and the questions she’s asked me have been SUCH gold. “What part of Greece is Rome?” has been a personal favourite. I’m pretty savvy at getting around when I’m abroad, but having @Google’s #GoogleAssistant to help provide directions for Rosie to walk to Vatican City from Kefalonia has been so helpful 😂😂😂 Now when I’m on holiday and Rosie needs answers, I can relax and #MakeGoogleDoIt #Ad
LD doing her best #LoveIsland 👌🏻 #contestants #sisters #geminireuniontour
Making friends with all the stray kittens in Kefalonia ❤️ they're a little camera shy but I'm working on it! 😎☀️🐈
This country is STUNNING 🙌🏻 dont worry guys, I'm making sure I vlog when people look their worst 😏 my family LOVE ME haha. Today Rosie swam which provided entertainment for the whole island 👌🏻❤️
#RealFriends ❤️
When you're repping your girl because Tour Daddy Dave and his beautiful girlfriend surprised you with merch and made it the BEST NIGHT EVER ❤️ I sang so hard you guys. SHE WAS NEXT LEVEL 😩 #nbtstour #nbtstourlondon #camilacabello
Happy pride month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing beats late night walks with this one ❤️ but then we got lost and walked for 2 hours which was romantic until I remembered that film Wrong Turn 😶
I'm so overwhelmed by the response you guys have given Overshare ❤️ This book is very personal to Rosie and I, we wrote it honestly in the hopes that it would resonate with you. Not only is it exceptionally honest, but it gave us a place to talk about some of our experiences we've never openly discussed online. It's a juicy read! It's light, it's dark, it's 90% grammatically correct. Ever wondered what a diary entry from the future would say? Wonder no more. This is a book for everyone. We wrote it with everyone in mind but mostly us because it's about us and not you, no offence. 
I am so proud of this! I'm proud that we never settled for anything less than our best. I'm so excited for you to read it and so touched at how supportive you all are. We have the best following anyone could ever ask for. Thank you so much ❤️ The link to preorder #overshare is in the bio!
I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8pm tomorrow night 😎❤️🎉
29.05.18 at 8pm! 
Head over to for 3 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that you don't want to miss ❤️ I can't wait for you guys to know! 😩 I'm surprised I haven't accidentally told you, as that's usually my smooth style 😎
Happy happy happy happy happy 💖