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I ate several desserts.
Throw back to when I was from Miami causing trouble in LA! Neither of which are true but it's really any excuse to use that lyric haha. I cannot WAIT to fly to America this month and begin the second leg of the tour! It's going to be an unforgettable experience meeting so many of you, sharing stories, sharing hugs and making new friends. You have supported us so powerfully over the years and I can't ever express how grateful we both are to have you. I just hope we can give back the support you've given us and continue to entertain you guys for many years to come! We're working on some really incredible projects this year that I know will change the world ❤️ thank you for encouraging us and being such remarkable people. I can't wait to show you what we're so passionately creating xxxxx
Guys! @AbsolutUK are going to donate £1 to Stonewall every time someone uses the Snap lens! So please help share the love and #KisswithPride so we can raise as much money for @StonewallUK as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🌈 #ad
Happy Sunday penguins! Last night Rosie and I uploaded a video and held NOTHING back! Sometimes people say, "I miss the old style chats" but the truth is, there's only so many times in life you get your asshole lasered. Having said that, if you liked the video give it a thumbs up so I know EXACTLY what type of perverse content you're into! Rosie's in the bath right now listening to Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry. The real question is, HOW many of you also thought she was saying, "don't be afraid to catch FISH" 🐟🐟🐟 I can't hear it ANY OTHER WAY. Maybe it's a lez thing. Let me know! Link to the video's in the bio! 🎥
Guys tell me what you think! I went lighter because I'm channeling the 'sun kissed Kristen' vibe! THOUGHTS?! Should I continue down this path of the classic bisexual cut and colour or revert back to my literal roots?! Your opinions matter. Not in the sense that I care about them, just in the sense that they'll boost my engagement. JUST KIDDING. We're a family, and families can tell each other the truth however much it hurts. But just so you know, I'm a big fan of this colour. It screams, "I'm wild and I'll put it anywhere" and that's the truth. Ask Cammie Scott because that's exactly why she chose me. A huge thanks to @thechapelplace and my gorgeous boy @jimmyboyh4ir for being so incredibly talented! And I'd like to confirm that Shannon Beveridge is a pillow princess. Unrelated yet important.
Last week Rosie and I took a trip down memory lane and visited all the places we went on our first dates ❤️ It was amazing to revisit them as a married couple, feeling so proud of how far we've come together! I never thought I'd be lucky enough to find someone who makes me so happy, and today is the anniversary of when she first asked me to be her girlfriend! 😊 
If you love someone make sure they know and #kisswithpride 🌈🌈🌈 @absolutUK #ad
I had THE most incredible Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was actually so moving to witness how love and kindness completely consumed London today ❤️ this community is SO strong and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. I love you xxxxx
GET READY USA AND CANADA BECAUSE WE'RE TAKING THE EXPOSED TOUR TO NORTH AMERICA! ✈️🇺🇸🇨🇦 We're coming to you SEPTEMBER 2017 so I need you to bring your energy, your beautiful smiles and possibly your mums because I'm into that 😏

Tickets go on presale WEDNESDAY 5TH JULY! We'll post links closer to the time to make sure you guys know exactly how to get your tickets! ❤️ I'm so excited to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So who's coming? 😎🌍🌈🦄
This dog is my WORLD! Two and a half years in and she's just learned how to say walkie! Watching her try her best to communicate with me is everything. HER SPIRIT IS SO PURE. #westie
I'M SO EXCITED FOR #helloworldlive! Think big and then times it by a MILLION because this is going to be INSANE! Performing live is my absolute FAVOURITE thing so I can't WAIT to see you all there! Make sure you're following @helloworldlive for any updates as tickets go on sale sooooooooooon! 👋🏻🌍
I JUST CAN'T 😂😍❤️ #westie #westiepuppy #howl
When Jennifer Lawrence is constantly trying to sit with you.