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Is it spring yet? 沍、汳役沽
Having a @boohoo pyjama party with this little heartbreaker! @Roxetera I love you everyday but I窶冤l love you even harder on Valentine窶冱 Day because I know you窶决e old school like that! Prom? 沍ケ

Guys I窶冦 wearing PJ SET:ツNZZ90485 and it窶冱 ADORABLE 笶、ク
Having the best day in Amsterdam! It窶冱 so much fun exploring new places with Rosie because she窶冱 just SO INCREDIBLY PURE 沽ゥ笶、ク
I just want to follow the sun 沍
When she puts you on hold. 沒ク @lindablacker 汨 @ashleighmua
Gangster lean horse game STRONG. This holiday has been AMAZING. Yesterday I swam in volcanic hot springs and made friends with baby raccoons. I slipped and fell at a waterfall and broke my ass riding Terry my disobedient, mildly judgemental horse. This country is beautiful, I don窶冲 want to leave 沽ゥ沽ゥ沽ゥ笶、ク鞘擘ク鞘擘ク Yes we have matching backpacks.
Mood: baby turtle sea release in Costa Rica! 汾「笶、ク条沍
I am so grateful to have made so many unforgettable memories this year! I don窶冲 think you realise how much I love you all for allowing us the opportunity to have these adventures. I only hope we can give back as much as you guys have given us because you need to know how much I love and respect you. Touring this year gave us the chance to meet you in person and we窶况e made such good friends along the way. Your stories and your strength have inspired me, moved me, and motivated me to no end. This family we have created together is the most kindhearted, smart, fun loving and accepting I have ever experienced. I think the world of you and I love Rosie for supporting me and pushing me the way she does. Sharing this with her has been the highlight of my year. Thank you for helping us achieve amazing things together! We have lots to share in 2018 so happy new year everyone! I窶冤l be peaking at 7pm 笨交沛サ #2017bestnine #2017