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Shout out to @thechapelplace and especially @tomconnerhair for giving me this gorgeous golden copper colour 🙌🏻💖✨ I missed my long blonde hair but I think the ginger really suits me so this was the perfect compromise! I’m getting so excited for all our projects we are working on!!! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a video and don’t worry if it wasn’t possible for you to do so! I hate to tease you all but it won’t be too long now! 😉🤫✨
I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I want @theofficialpandora jewellery from @roseellendix this Valentine’s Day! ✨😍💖 Of course we #DOCelebrateLove EVERY day but I’m all about these special occasions! Life gets busy and I love having the excuse of a whole day dedicated to spoiling each other! And if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, spoil YOURSELF and #DOPANDORA 
I’m spreading love vibes and sending them your way! 😘😘😘 #AD
💐 Guess who brought her vlogging camera?
I wanna love you inside out 💘 📸 - @LindaBlacker
HELL YES TO THE BEST DAY EVER IN COSTA RICA! We did literally everything there was to do in one day and now we are SO sore 😂😂😂 zip lining, horse back riding, hot springs, we found out how traditional Costa Rican coffee and bread is made! I love the culture here and now @roseellendix and I are desperate to learn Spanish! We learned how to say Sloth and Frog hahah! I don’t want to go home to the freezing cold 😭😭😭 I’m so grateful for our wonderful holiday and now I feel so refreshed and READY to MOVE HOUSE!!! We’ve been vlogging every minute so stay tuned! Huge hugs and kisses to you all 😘😘😘💖💖💖😍😍😍
Me gusta 💖
Pura Vida ☀️
Happy in Costa Rica! ☀️🌊✨
What a whirlwind year. In 2017 Rose and I toured the UK and Ireland and North America! We spent hours on dog walks rehearsing our scripts, butterflies in our tummies. We changed the show, then changed it again. All we wanted to do was make you guys laugh... I think it worked!!! We fell in love with Seattle, celebrated 2 years of marriage and finally met our idol Camila Cabello! We worked passionately on secret things behind the scenes. We won two awards, Vlogger of the Year and Best British Vlogger, THANK YOU!!! From the bottom of my heart to everyone who voted. I felt tremendous highs and felt accomplished with my work. Most of all we have focused on connecting with you guys, on making sure that everything we do is genuinely authentic, that it has a purpose.

I’m ending this year with two very powerful moments in my life; Rose and I are buying our first house and I have started getting the therapy I need. I love you all so much, you honestly don’t even realise how much. I’m grateful to be able to take you all with us on our journey and I can’t wait for what 2018 will have in store for us all! Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you xxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #2017bestnine #2017bestnineinstagram #2017 #happynewyear