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Click the link in our bio to learn our top 10 tips to get bigger for rugby! 💪💪💪#rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#freakoftheweek Digby Ioane is a beast! What do you think of his move to Japan?! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#workoutwednesday here's an explosive power session for you to try! Speed Kills!! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
Episode 29 of the podcast is live! We talk to head of strength and conditioning with Dragons Rugby Ryan Harris! Click the link in bio to listen #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#mondaymotivation learn from your mistakes, grow from your loses. That’s the path of a champion. #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
Recovery is extremely important to get you in condition to train optimally next week. Here are some tips to help the process:

Weigh yourself after the game/training, and then replace each 1kg of weight lost with 1 litre of water over the next 3-4 hours.  Start replacing lost glycogen with high GI foods as soon as possible  Aim for 0.75 grams of carbohydrates per kg of body weight (75g for a 100kg athlete) immediately after the game, then again 1 hour later, then 1 hour after that.  Drinks are best for this initially then real food afterwards.  After 2 hours switch back to lower GI carbohydrates

Avoid drinking alcohol until properly hydrated; take it easy when you do. Alcohol impairs muscle development if drunk in excess and also makes any soft tissue injury much worse by increasing inflammation.  Avoid drinking caffeine until properly hydrated.  Avoid neglecting protein intake – tired fatigued muscles need building blocks to optimise recovery.  #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
GAME DAY!! Good luck to all Team Renegade athletes taking the field today! This is what all the training is for! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#fridayfun that’s right we come in all shapes and sizes!! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#throwbackthursday to when they used sand for a kicking tee!! 😂 #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
#workoutwednesday give this a go! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines
‪Today is World Mental Health Day. Remember to support those who maybe struggling. It’s good to talk with your teammates, coaches & family #rugbyunited ‬ #worldmentalhealthday #WorldMentalHealthDay2017 #buildingmachines #rugbyunited #rugbystrong #rugbycommunity
#FreakoftheWeek Francois Hougaard knows how to keep himself in shape! #rugbyrenegade #buildingmachines