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Pineapppe juice,  whipped coconut milk, orange syrup and some coco Rum  Mmmmmm
Let's open this one up.  Thanks @benoit.bail
Relax at HQ with Ron Medellin 12YO
The Rumworld team at #Club Rum Amsterdam
Getting ready for #Club Rum.  Now tasting this funny one at Rumworld HW
At HQ drinking some Conde de Cuba Elixer.  Nice and sweet with a Coke "On the side"
It's VSOP time at HQ  Great Damoiseau from Guadeloupe.  Curious? Taste it at #Club Rum Amsterdam
Tasting at the Amsterdam Rum Symposium, really great stuff
At HQ what to choose
Back at HQ sipping some @rhumdamoiseau VO
Easter lunch
Back at HQ enjoying super sweet Canuca Ron Miel