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Day 2: More Items!

Magic Materials will be in stock by noon!

See ya!

ToyCon 2018 - Booth 77, Megatrade Hall 2, 5th Floor, SM Megamall.

We will be here til tomorrow!
At ToyCon 2018
Why visit us at ToyCon 2018?


If you have attended any of our Meetup Series, you definitely know how much fun this is! So we have decided to bring the fun at ToyCon 2018!

How it works: For every one-time purchase (per transaction, not cumulative) of 2,000php worth of items during ToyCon, you will be eligible to draw ONE (1) FREE ITEM from the box. Limited to the first 77 customers only.

So what's in the box? Watch below to find out!

See you at ToyCon 2018, December 14 - 16, Booth 77, Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall B.

PS: Make sure to mark "Going" or "Interested" on the event tab page as we announce the FINAL SURPRISE tomorrow. If you really plan to go to visit us at ToyCon, this one's for you! ;)
Our Black Friday Sale has been massive that it took us three full days for all orders to be shipped out (and we thank our awesome supporters for their patience) - and we are bringing it back exclusively for ToyCon attendees!

See you at ToyCon 2018, December 14 - 16, Booth 77, Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall B.

Make sure to be updated with the next surprises during the event. For more info visit - Events Tab and click kn "Going" or "Interested". SEE YOU!
Why visit us at ToyCon 2018?

Our December drop no.1 has just arrived! Which means ToyCon 2018 goers will have first dibs on new decks and items!

From Concept v2, David Blaine, Skull and Bones Private Reserve, Quiver, Quiver +, Pure Cardistry Trainers, Cherries Reno Red, to so much more!

We got so much more for ToyCon 2018 participants! 
This will be on Dec 14 - 16, SM Megamall B, Megatrade Hall 2.

To know more, head over to Event Tab and click on "Going" or "Interested" to know all the surprises for the event!
Why visit us at ToyCon 2018?

If you have been with us for quite some time, you know we are as passionate as you in collecting playing cards. So for the first time ever, we would be releasing out of print, hard to find, decks from our personal collection. Signed decks, numbered editions, collector sets, and so much more will go on sale during ToyCon 2018!

ToyCon 2018 will be on December 14 - 16 at SM Megamall B, Megatrade Hall 2. If you want to be updated with event surprises, head over to and click on the event page.

Don't miss out - be there!

Enjoy up to 70% off from over 2,000 magic materials.

Head over to to check out the list!

For the first time ever, we are joining ToyCon 2018! Choose from over hundreds of playing cards and magic materials on a three day event!

Head over to and under the "Events" tab, make sure to mark "Going" or "Interested", as we will be revealing the details as the event draws close. Plus, we got something brewing for the event's participants!

This is an event you don't want to miss! 
Black Friday Sale NOW LIVE

Enjoy over a hundred #playingcards and #magic materials on sale at up to 80% off! 24 hours only.

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DMC Elite Green Marked Deck by @dmcmagic and other #Magic Materials from @murphysmagic now available.

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Logo foil sticker - get it free with your order!

Have a design in mind? Message us and your design might be featured in the next print!
Visit our stores for new stocks of #PlayingCards 
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