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Every Wednesday at Pacha is Flower Power : their longest-standing night where they play music from the 60s and 70s.... probably not what you think of when you think of Ibiza Super Clubs!
As you can see, they do a great job of dressing up Ibiza Town to promote it. 
On our Running Tour of Ibiza Town we’ll tell you all about why the hippies came to Ibiza and how the Super Clubs started. Click on the link in our bio to book! ⬆️
Headed west for the sunset this evening, to a secret beach with an excellent Chiringuito, which I’ve run behind so many times and didn’t know it was there... The sunset was beautiful, though it didn’t get its usual applause because it disappeared before the horizon... presumably a heat shimmer?
If you’re coming to Ibiza soon, a sunset or sunrise run are definitely recommended.... the rest of the day is for keeping cool in the water!
Another day another festival in Ibiza!
Last night was the Noche de San Juan, to celebrate the birth of San Juan Bautista, and also to welcome the start of the summer. 
The main festivities are of course in the town of Sant Joan, where 10 fires are lit which people jump through! It signals a cleansing & rebirth of such significance as to be New Year. (Pre-Franco, all legal contracts started/ended on Noche de San Juan.)
Other legends/traditions are to go into the sea at midnight and make a wish for the year, or to catch a  sprite (a fameliar) in a bottle under Santa Eularia bridge. 
Don’t you love learning about the traditions of other countries!
This is Ball Pagès (Peasant's Dance), a traditional Ibicencan dance, thought to be a blend of Carthaginian fertility rituals and Arabic dancing.
Almost all native Ibicenco children learn the dances at school, and parents spend fortunes on the costumes for a variety of festivals throughout the year. 
The movement & music of the man is to catch the woman's attention and seduce them.  Ibicencas (girls of courting age) cover their peasant's dress in jewellery - the long, heavily decorated necklace is called an "emprendades", plus they wear numerous gold rings which they show off to their partner (see beginning of first video), so he knows the wealth of their family.
Throughout the summer there are many places you can see Ball Pagès in Ibiza - including in Eivissa at 2130 Fridays and Sant Miquel church on Thursday evenings.
Don’t miss the 2nd video to see the next generation of dancers..... too cute!
A moody sunset over the salt lakes this evening 🌄
Beautiful Benirràs awaits you.....
Have you booked your trip yet?
Another Ibiza Gay Pride finished with a bang last night. 
Ibiza has a long and positive connection with the gay community... another reason to love this wonderful, unique island! 🌈🏳️‍🌈👩‍❤️‍👩👨‍❤️‍👨
We celebrated #ibizagaypride19 on our weekly free run this morning, changing the route to run through the gay district and wearing our rainbow colours with Pride.  Check out the rainbow-coloured route in Strava!
Happy Ibiza Gay Pride 2019 everyone!
Absolutely love this initiative from Strava. Thank you @runiversitylife for the tip!
To commemorate Pride Month, Strava have given all runners the chance to celebrate, by simply adding a rainbow emoji to the end of their run name. This in turn makes your run route all the colours of the rainbow.

Run with Pride everyone!
So proud to be part of this global community of Running Tour Guides. 
Running Tours are still a new concept for travellers but everyone in the community is working hard to spread the word by offering visitors a unique way to see the cities they live in and love.
Next time you’re travelling abroad, take your trainers and check out to see which running tours are available in the city you’re in. It’s a great way to quickly orientate yourself, and to find out the best things to do to make the most of your trip. All whilst getting some exercise in!
This is the view from a tunnel in the rock above Playa d’es Bol Nou in Sa Caleta.  There are loads of reasons to visit Sa Caleta, as well as this amazing view: 
1️⃣ 🐙🦑🦐🦞🦀🐡🐠🐟☕️
@sacaletarestaurant : amazing fish and seafood and lethal cafe Caleta (like mulled wine but coffee 😋😋). Book in advance.
2️⃣ 🗿🗿
The ruins of the first Carthaginian settlement in Ibiza, from 650BC
3️⃣ 🎣🎣
Sa Caleta bay which has about 30 old fisherman’s huts in a big semicircle 
4️⃣ 🚶‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️
The easy and short walk along the coast, following a path through woods and over rocks. 
Totally worth a packed day of doing really not a lot!
It must be high season, judging by the amount of super yachts in the port. Changes were made to the port a couple of years ago so that these boats,  up to 130m and €300m, could dock here. 
Even if I had enough money to buy and maintain one, I wouldn’t buy one; I wouldn’t feel like I was really visiting any of the places I went to. What do you think?